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      (A) Index of exercises:

                  Exercise One: Transcription of names.

                  Exercise Two: More transcription plus  B:Øv:aed  verbs
                  Exercise Three: Case paradigms of nouns in -A.
                  Exercise Four: Present tense endings for conjugational classes IV, VI, and X.

                  Exercise Five: Using instrumental, dative, ablative, genitive, locative cases.  Conjoining sentences.

                  Exercise Eight: Complex sentences containing relative and co-relative clauses.

                  Exercise Nine: More on complex sentences containing relative and co-relative clauses.

      (B) Index of readings:

                  Reading One:  s:ØB:ae\:t:m:Π by  y:aðg:ðSv:r  from Vidyâkara's Treasury.

                  Reading Two:  n:l:aðp:aKy:an:m:Π:  ¾aò Sl:aðkaò   (MBh 3.50.1-2).

                  Reading Three:  n:l:aðp:aKy:an:m:Π:  ¾aò Sl:aðkaò   (MBh 3.50.3-4).

                  Reading Four:  n:l:aðp:aKy:an:m:Π:  ¾aò Sl:aðkaò   (MBh 3.50.5-6).

      (C) Index of quizzes:

                  Quiz One.

                  Quiz Two.

                  Quiz Three.

                  Quiz Four.

                  Quiz Five.

                  Quiz Six.

                  Quiz Eight.

                  Quiz Nine.

                  Quiz Ten.

                  Quiz Eleven.

                  Quiz Eleven point five.

                  Quiz Twelve.

                  Quiz Thirteen.

                  Quiz Fourteen.

                  Quiz Fifteen.

                  Quiz Sixteen-seventeen.

                  Quiz Eighteen-nineteen.

                  Quiz Twenty-twentyone.

                  Quiz Twentytwo-twentythree.

                  Quiz Twenty-six.

                  Quiz Twenty-eight.

                  Quiz Thirty.

                  Quiz Thirty-one.

                  Quiz Thirty-three.

      (D) Index of exams:

                  First term midterm exam.

                  First term final exam.

                  Second term midterm exam.

                  Second term final exam.

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