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Table of grammatical notes and exercises.

The following lists of items are given in the order, first, of logical precedence and, second, degree of difficulty.

Level three.   Level four.   Review of level two.

  topic   exercises   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH   level
  1.   Linking verb to verb with  ka   notes   cloze,  E=>H trans   (9B)      3a
  2.   dðK:a j:aOg:a: Review of passive   notes   yes   14A      3a
  3.   Derived transitives   notes    yes    11A      3a
  4.   Derived intransitives (antitransitives)   notes   yes;   yes  (#2)    16       (p. 32)   3a
  5.   ka of patient.   notes      12B      3a
  6.   Compound verbs: meanings.   notes   yes   24A      3a
  7.   Disappearing  ka of patient.   notes   yes   17B      3a
  8.   Verb stem + O in compound verbs   notes      160-1   3a
  9.   V-O eb:n:a   notes   yes      no?   3a
 10.   Comparing passives and antitransitives.     notes   yes   19B      3a
 11.   Inclusive imperatives:  c:l:a j:aO ! 'Let's go!'   notes   yes   24B      3a
 12.   x:m:a krað: noun incorporation.   notes   yes      3a
 13.   ka  of subject.   notes   no   15A      3a

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  topic  notes  exercise  in HS  in IH  in CAH  level
 14.   c:l:t:ð p:Ørz:ð: participles.   notes   cloze,
 E=>H trans 
  21B      3b
 15.   V-n:ð p:r and V-n:ð s:ð   notes   yes   23A      3b
 16.   ehndi Aat:ð Aat:ð Aat:i hò :  Adverbial participles   notes   yes   15B      3b
 17.   y:hi Eent:z:ar haðt:a H Counter-factual expression.   notes      25A      3b
 18.   V-kr rh in the expression of determination   notes   no   19A      3b
 19.  ( v:haú j:akr Vy:a kraðg:ð ?   Other idiomatic uses of gerunds.)      no   19A?      3b
 20.   The marked habitual in -y:a kr-   notes      22B      3b
 20a.   Brief note on V-y:a c:ah and imminence.   yes   no      3b
 21.   'As if...':  m:an:aðø and  j:òs:ð.  And s:a.   yes   yes  25B      3b
 22.   rha n:hiø j:at:a and the passive of incapacity   yes   yes   17A      3b
 22a.  Brief note on  daò_a j:at:a hò and action by unspecified subjects   yes   no      3b
 23.   j:b: t:k . . . and  t:b: t:k . . .   yes   yes   14B      3b
 24.   V- n:ðv:al:a with n:hiø or kaòn: to express disapproval,     disbelief,  defiance or denial   yes   yes      3b
 25.    Ap:n:i-Ap:n:i t:qdir: Reduplication and its uses   yes   conversion
  E=>H trans 
 26.   V- kr rh j:a   yes   yes      3b

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  topic  notes  exercise  in HS  in IH  in CAH  level
 27.   khiø and the expression of fear   yes   yes  2:58    157-8   4a
 28.   s:m:y: j:at:ð dðr n:hiø l:g:t:i H
 Participles and time expressions.
  yes   yes      4a
 29.   hús:at:ð-hús:at:ð l:aðXa edy:a H  Reduplication of    
  participles in expressions of limits or results.
  yes  conversion
  E=>H trans 
  15B      4a
 30.   Compound verbs in  b:òY and misguided action.   yes   yes      4a
 31.   m:arð  X     yes   yes      4a
 32.   m:j:al: with an infinitive or  j:að-clause  
  in the subjunctive
  yes   yes      4a
 33.   Verb +  B:i   yes   yes      4a
 34.   Compound verbs in  Ral: and hasty  
    or violent action.
  yes         4a
 35.   Xi t:að  Xi . . . and the elaboration of  B:i 'even'                   yes   yes      4a
 36.   'Eating a beating':  m:ar K:a and other  
  yes   yes      4a
 37.   X  hi krð t:að krð  'Only X will do it.'   yes   yes      4a
 38.   ( b:_ð AaO X- v:al:ð H  How to be sarcastic.)            4a
 39.   b:n:aO n: b:n:ð H Expressing incapacity with paired verbs   yes   yes      4a

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  topic   notes   exercise   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH   level
 40.   Conceding points with  s:hi   yes   yes      4b
 41.   ( c:ahð kÙC B:i Vy:aðø n: hað H Aggressive concession.)            4b
 42.   ( m:ØJ:ð Vy:a !  Dissing and dismissing.)            4b
 43.   Es:s:ð p:hl:ð ek v:h hm:ðø dðK: l:ðt:ð . . .
  Anterior clauses, compound verbs, mood.
  yes         4b
 44.   ull:Ü b:n:akr Cað_ edy:a :
 Compound compound verbs

    yes   yes              4b
 45.   khð kÙC krð kÙC :  Dramatic contrast   underway      
 46.   p:_ as vector   yes     yes        4b
 47.   l:aK: as adverb   incomplete           4b
 48.  j:an:ð ka n:am: n:hiø l:ðt:a :  Emphatic negation.     underway   no      4b
 52.   l:g:a eqsm:t: kaðs:n:ð : Verb-left     yes   no      4b

  topic   notes   exercise   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH   level

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  topic   exercises   in  HS   in  CAH   level
   i.   Review of nominal and verbal forms.
  Vocative.   Stative  haðn:a
  notes    choice of alternatives,
   E=>H trans
  1A  review of
 second year
  ii.   Second person singular.   notes    cloze   1B  review
 iii.   Review of uses of -v:al:a.   notes    conversion   2B  review
 iv.   Review of complementizers.   notes    cloze,  E=>H trans   2B  review

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  topic   notes   exercise   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH   level

  topic   notes   exercise   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH

  topic   notes   exercise   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH

  topic   notes   exercise   in  HS  in IH   in  CAH


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