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m:lhar - Mellonsite for Advanced Levels of Hindi-Urdu Acquisition and Research

NOTE:  To download (for free) a version of Netsacpe 4.x that best displays the Xdvng Devanagari font from "SillyDog701", click here.   Then scroll about halfway down to find "Netscape Communicator 4.5 ~ 4.8".   I recommend downloading version 4.8.   This will take about three minutes if using a university computer, longer if using a dial-up connection.

Table of monologues and suggested essays.

       For the present this list of items is given in the order in which they have been posted to the Web. Later, indices and tables will appear that classify monologs by speaker, type of discourse, structures used, lexical prerequisites, and degree of difficulty. In order to hear audio files QuickTime is required.
  title   speaker  version  audio?  essay
  ma.   Aag: l:g:i !   s:l:im: Q:an:   unglossed   yes     no     3b
  2.   haT: dðK:n:a   kÙs:Øm: j:òn:   unglossed   yes     no     3a
 3.  " m:aú "  khn:a   kÙs:Øm: j:òn:   unglossed   yes     no     3a
 4.  edl: kað dhl:a dðn:ð v:al:ð edn:   kÙs:Øm: j:òn:   unglossed   yes     no     4a
 5.  p:hl:a edn:   kÙm:Ød B:ag:üv:   unglossed   (soon)     3b   no  

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First posted 17 June 2002. Audiolink 1 July 2002.