y:Ün:iv:es:ýXi Aaôf em:eS:g:n:

Translation exercise on complementizers.

(adapted from Chapter Three of  Hindi Structures, p 27)

      Translate into Hindi.

  1.  Somebody wants to meet you here.

  2.  It began to rain and we were far from home.

  3.  The police were unable to catch that man.

  4.  Somebody will have to bring water for the cows.

  5.  Let it go, brother.  Let them eat.  Let them drink.  Let them play.

  6.  She has already returned home.

  7.  You will have to bring her from there.

  8.  Who should we invite?

  9.  We have a lot of work to do.

 10.  I should do this today but I don't want to.

 11.  We must know what you are thinking  Now start talking.

 12.  Tell them to begin the show before eight o'clock.


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Keyed in 20 Sept 2001. Posted 21 Sept 2001.