Katta G. Murty
Professor, Industrial and Operations engineering, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Ph.D., Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley, 1968.

Professor Murty teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in linear, integer and non-linear programming and network flows. His recent research includes studies in mathematical programming and its applications as well as research on optimization algorithms. He is the author of nine books on linear and non-linear programming and network flows, and an undergraduate text on OperationsResearch-Deterministic Optimization Models.

April 22, 2021 - Professor Murty shares his reflections on his Fulbright experiences

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* Call For Submissions to an Edited Book (July 2011) - "Case studies of realistic applications of optimum decision making" *

Biography: Vita of Katta G. Murty


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Sophomore Level Linear Algebra Webbook

Network Programming Webbook

Optimization Models For Decision Making: Volume 1 (Junior Level)

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He developed a new style of jogging called "dorling". This includes shaking head vigorously (stimulates vegas nerve that can cure depression; increases blood circulation in brain which can prevent plaque formation & thus reducing chance of alzheimer's), moving hands vigorously, & continuously folding & unfolding all fingers (started this few years ago when a finger developed "trigger finger cond.", now all fingers fine).

There is an obscure static exercise developed in ancient India called "gODakurcii". With hands stretched wide this puts body in form of a chair leaning against wall. He modified this into a dynamic exercise called "vaNuku" (the Telugu word means "shivers"). This, done in open space, puts body in a crouching position,& moves head, hands, fingers vigorously while swaying whole body. Exercises all parts of body.

Can see below.

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