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$^*$Technology Quo Vadis$^+$

Katta G. Murty

Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2117, USA
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August 2001


We all dream that future technologies are going to eliminate pollution, provide sources of unlimited energy for mankind, change mankind for better, empower generations, bring the world together, and save the environment. In this article we take a reality check on these dreams, and outline some simple steps that each individual can take to minimize the ravage of nature being committed by humanity and its technology.

Key words: Knowledge, science, technology, nature, trees, lean nation, grow more trees, grow fewer children, Murty's law on pollution, peace for humans and extinction for other species, our fossil fuels civilization. $^*$ Translation of the Telugu essay that has won the 1st prize in the contest organized by Vanguri Foundation of America for Ugaadi 2001. $^+$ This word from Latin means ``what is your destination? whither are you going?''. Contents

1. The Dawn of Human Civilization 1.1. The Origin of Morning Prayers 1.2. The Birth of Music 1.3. Some Definitions 2. Science and Technology Today 2.1. Everyone Is A Specialist 2.2. The Paradox of This New Century 2.3. Changes Wrought by Technology 3. Global Warming 4. Jet Plane Traffic Enhancing Global Warming 5. Disappearing Trees and Bushes 6. Peace for Humans, Extinction for Other Species 7. Lean Nations for Long Term Survival 8. Our Fossil Fuels Civilization 9. Sanctions Imposed by Heads of Religions 10. Solution to Pollution 11. How You Can Help 11.1. Set An Example for Population Control Effort 11.2. Reduce Using Wood Products 11.3. Teach Children to Appreciate the Beauty of Nature 11.4. Oppose Bad Technologies and Products

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Katta G Murty 2001-09-27