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Sumpter Ponders Dropping Senior Services

Mark Thompson-Kolar
The Ypsilanti Press

SUMPTER TWP. — The Township Board Tuesday night considered dropping the Senior Alliance grant and services for next year after Township Clerk Joan Oddy claimed the township loses money through its involvement with the program.

Sumpter receives a $4,000 grant each year from the Senior Alliance, a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to helping elderly persons in southeastern Michigan. The money goes toward payment of the township senior coordinator's salary.

Oddy, however, said the grant does not cover the salary costs. The coordinator receives more than $5,000 each year, far exceeding the grant's $4,000, she said. In addition, the Senior Alliance "dictates every move you make. ... They are so severe with the grant it's ridiculous," Oddy said. She advocated dropping the program completely.

Trustees Karl King and Louis Banotai asked how the township would supply activities for seniors if the grant were discontinued. Oddy said she didn't think senior activities could be continued without it, but in any circumstances other funding or volunteer services would be necessary for the township to keep providing senior services.

The board members reached no consensus, so they decided to refrain from action until they knew more about the consequences of dropping or keeping the grant.