In more than a decade as a manager and editor in the news media industry, I edited thousands of stories and designed at least as many print or web pages. Some examples I executed or directed.

  • Special front page I designed to showcase a major funeral and high-interest basketball final.
  • Cover I designed and coordinated for special section on 100th anniversary of U-M vs. OSU rivalry.
  • Daily news infographic for which I did content research while collaborating with artist on visuals.
  • I built templates and set much of the visual style for the startup AnnArbor.Com print edition.
  • A page from a Michigan Business Review "Structures" construction section I edited and oversaw.
  • Breaking news front page for college admissions story of very high reader interest.
  • The cover of the Concordia University student news publication for which I was faculty adviser.
  • A web page I produced at the North American Auto Show for Michigan Business Review.