Apoptosis Regulators of Zebrafish.

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The Nip3s have been reported (Apr 2003).

REFERENCE:  Inohara, N. & Nunez, G. (2000) "Genes with Homology to Mammalian Apoptosis Regulators Identified in Zebrafish " Cell Death Differ. 7, 509-510.

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Protein Family Protein Name Most Homologous Gene Domain Found EST Clones
Bcl-2 Mcl-1a human Mcl-1 BH1-4, HT fb72f02(5'/3'), fb15c02(5'), fa94e06(5'/3'), fj64c07(5', 3'), fq62b01 (5'), ZF-A16(5') and more
Mcl-1b mouse Mcl-1 BH1-4, HT fj18b08(5'),fj12h05(5'), fj11h10(5'), fl21g07(3'), fq73c11(5'), fq56d07(5'/3'), fq50f03(5'),and more
BLP1 chick Bcl-xL BH1-4, HT fp64f04 (5'), fl26b03(5'/3'), 2213 (5'
Bcl-xL chick Bcl-x BH2, HT fa93d12(5'/3')
NR-13 quail NR-13 BH1-4, HT fj03a08(5'), fq59h05(5'), zehn0427(5'), fu11c11(5'/3'), fj03a08(5'), ft74f04(5'/3'), fr99g10(5'/3'), and more
Bax bovine Bax BH1-4, HT fj98g09(5'/3'),fj16e01(5'/3'),fj46f03(5'/3'),fc50b10(5'/3'), fj83g05(5'/3'), fy22d01(5',3'), fy22a02(5',3')
Bad rat Bad PSD,BH3 fa96d04(5'/3'), fa01b12(5'/3'),fk29d12(5'/3'), fk27c06(5'), ft68g02(5'/3'), fu04h04(5'), and more
Nip3b, Nip3 mouse Nip3 HT fc54d07(5'/3')
Nip3L human Bnip3L HT fc02h04(5'/3'),fb52b03(5'/3'),fb52f01(5'/3')
Nip3a human Nip3L HT
Nix-R human Nip3 HT
Caspase Caspase-2 chick Caspase-2 CARD,LS,SS fi39c05(5'/3'),fc07g01(5'),CHBOp576M17211Q3(5'/3'), CHBOp576P1543Q3(5'/3'), fw80d02(5'/3')
Caspase-3 Chinese hamster Caspase-3 LS,SS fd02h07(5'), fi64g12(5')
Caspy2 human Caspase-4 PYRN,LS,SS zehl1962(5'), zehl1976(5'), fl61f11(5'), fl25g06(5')
Caspase-6 mouse Caspase-6 LS,SS fd22e06(5')
Caspase-8 mouse Caspase-8 DED,SS fd18f10(5'/3'),fc87g09(3'), fp05f03(5')
Caspase-9 human Caspase-9 CARD,LS fc30h06(5'), fx08e11(5'/3')
Caspy human Caspase-13 PYRN, LS,SS fa93b02(5'/3'), fz42c11(5'/3')
Ced-4-like Apaf-1 human Apaf-1 CARD,NOD,WDR fd19h11(5'/3')
Nod1 human Nod1 NOD fc70d12(5')
IAP IAP1 chick IAP BIR,CARD,RING fb48e09(5'/3'),fj02g03(3'),fd16b02(5'/3'), fi80g02(5'/3'), fi80g07(5'), CHBOp575K07165Q3(5'/3'), fk26a06(5'),  fl10g10(5'/3'), fl10g10(5'/3'), fl61c12(5')
XIAP mouse XIAP BIR, RING fb73d01(5'), fl29d04(5'/3'), fo92e11(5') fp23c08(5'/3')
survivin 1 pig survivin BIR ft41c04(5'/3')
survivin 2 mouse survivin BIR ft47f02(5'/3'), ft71e09(3')
DED DEDD1 mouse DEDD DED fe02c01(5'/3'),fc05a06(5'/3')
DEDD2 rat DEFT DED fi46h08(5'/3')
CLARP human CLARP DED fl60g12(5')
CARD ASC1a human ASC PYRN, CARD fj06e08(5'/3'), fb09h11(5'), fw49d12(5')
CIDE/DFF CIDE-A mouse CIDE-A CIDE-N, CIDE-C fd36c01(5'/3')
ICAD human DFF45 CIDE-N fd51e05(5'), ft30d12(5'), fu18f09(5'/3')
CAD CIDE-N,DNase (reported)
DD Mediator TRADD human TRADD DD fc83a03(5'/3'),fd06g04(5'/3'),fc59e02(5'/3'),zehn0873(5')
Death Receptor NGFR1 Xenopus NGFR CLD, TM, DD fb07d05(5'/3'),fb38c02(5'/3'),fc10h01(5'/3')
Fas rabbit Fas CLD, TM, DD fl03f03(5'/3'), fd52d12(5'/3'),fd57h12(5'/3')
ovarian TNFR/ TRAILR turkey ALV receptor CLD, TM, DD reported(Oct 2000), fc27c09(5'/3'), fj81b12(5'/3')
DR6 human DR6 CLD fi27h08(5'/3'),fb02e11(5'/3'),fc29a09(5'/3'),fa55e01(3')
Death Ligand TRAIL human TRAIL MLR fl62b05 (5'/3'), fc12f06(5'/3')
Other TNFR member HVEM human HVEM CLD, TM fc41c11(5'/3')
kinase Ask1a human Ask1 fb60f10(5'), fp53b04(5'/3')
Ask1b mouse Ask1 fa92h04(5'/3')
Akt1 human Rac-PKbeta kinase fc36c11(5'),fb71a08(5'),zeh0582(5')
Akt2 rat RAC-PK kinase fd23g08(5')
DAP kinase human DAPK ANKR fj09c03(5'/3'), fk70a02(3')
DRAK1 human DRAK1 kinase fi32b12(5'/3'), fi11h05(5'/3'), fu12c06(5'), fo94b06(5'/3'), fp28d04(5'), fm81a09(5'/3'), fk86d09(5')
DRAK2 human DRAK1 kinase fi04a03(5'/3'), fj10d06(5')
RICK human RICK kinase fk02e11(5'), fo94a02(5'/3')
RIP3 human RIP3 kinase fj83d12(5'/3'), fm82b11(5'), fj07e11(3'), ft39e09(5'/3')
ZIPK human ZIP-kinase kinase fc25b08(5'/3'),fd43f08(3'), fi89d06(3'), fi89d06(5'/3')
PML1 human PML1 fb79f01(5')
p53     list of EST clones
SLUG1 chicken SLUG ZnF fd19g11(5',3'), fb83e12(3'), zehn0732(5'), fa02b10(5',3')
c-Myc list of EST clones
c-Myc2 O. mykiss c-Myc AD fj45e10(5'), zehs0019(5'), fl31g05(5'), fl43d05(5'/3')
c-Myc3 B. belcheri c-Myc AD fb81d11(5'), fk93d02(5'/3'), ZF637-2-000432(5'), ZF637-2-001358(5'), 5144t3(5'/3'), fp40f04(3'), fd47b10(3'), 
N-Myc partial cds reported AD fc77a09(5'/3'), fk49a08(5'/3'), ZF637-1-000668(5')
L-Myc partial cds reported AD/bHLH fi27b11(5'/3'), fb95a12(5''/3'),fa07c04(5''/3') and more 
Max list of EST clones
Smac/Diablo mouse Diablo transit/CC MPMGp637G206(5')
lipid associated FAN mouse FAN WDR fj85f10(5'/3'), fb94h07(5'/3')
Acid Sphingomyelinase 1 mouse SMase fd19c05(5'/3'), fi46c09(5'/3'), fb52g02(5'/3'), fc41b04(5'/3'), fi46c03(5'/3')
other factors DAP1a human DAP1 fc06d11(5'/3'), fb62g06(5'/3'), fd61h12(3'), fc88d08(5')
DAP1b human DAP1 fb06h10(5'), zeh0189(5'), zehn0769(5'), fj61g01(5'),fk71g08(3'),fk65a12(5'/3'), fk70a03(5')
acinus human acinus fi14c05(5'/3'),fe06a10(5'/3'),fb34d03(5'/3'), fd18e01(5'/3'), fi33g08(5'),fe26c11(3'),fb80f07(3') and more
AIF mouse AIF fe36h03(5'/3'),fb54h11(5')
DAXX human DAXX fd15c03(5'/3'), fi75b07(5'/3'), ZF637-1-000230(5'), ZF637-3-000075(5'), partial cds from genome
FLASH mouse FLASH fc74h10(5'/3'),fe15g10(5')
p84 human p84 DD fi37h10(5'/3'), fc65a09(5'/3'), fb11c05(5'/3'), fd21e06(3'), fa28g02(3'), ZAE1G24(3')
BI-1 human TEGT fe01e07(5'), fc84a07(5')
SMN list of EST clones
 The zebrafish genes homologous to mammalian apoptosis regulators are listed in the table. EST clones encoding the gene are shown with their 5' and 3' sequences which are linked to the NCBI GenBank. Some raw data are availabe in FTP sites of WashU (see below). Each gene which has information of the entire open reading frame is linked in the cell labeled by "Protein Name". The domains found in the putative coding region are shown in "Domain Found". The abbrivation of each domain name is shown in the home page linked here. The entire sequences of zebrafish p53 and SMN have been already reported by other groups. The partial sequence of DAXX has been already submitted to GenBank by another group, apparently, without publication.
[Methods] To identify zebrafish genes encoding products with homology to mammalian apoptosis proteins, expressed-sequence tags (EST) public databases were searched for zebrafish homologues proteins using NCBI BLAST.  The nucleotide sequence from the EST clones which encodes the same gene are assembled from the raw data in WashU and our laboratories. Significant homology between the key and the final sequence was confirmed by NCBI PSI-BLAST.

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