Abbreviation name of domain
AD transactivation domain
ANKR ankyrin repeat
BH1-4 Bcl-2 homology 1-4
BIR baculovirus inhibitor of apoptosis repeat
bHLHZip basic region + helix-loop-helix
CARD caspase-recruitment domain
CLD cysteine-rich ligand binding domain 
DD death domain
DED death effector domain
CIDE-N, C CIDE homology domain N, C
HT hydrophobic tail
LS large subunit of caspase
MLR maturre ligand region
NOD nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain
PSD phosphoserine-containing domain
PYRN pyrin N-terminus homology
RING RING finger domain
SS small subunit of caspase
TM transmembrane
WDR WD40 repeats-containing region
ZnF zinc finger