Apoptosis Regulators in Zrbrafish  

caspy-depleted fish (5 d old) with open mouth
listed by Naohiro Inohara

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List of zebrafish apoptosis regulatorsCLICK HERE List of genes homologous to mammalian apoptosis regulators identified in zebrafish. The list will be updated when new genes are found or reported. The list has links to the sequence data of the genes and EST located in NCBI GenBank database.
Access the database of zebrafish mutants(ZFIN) Both published and unpublished zebrafish mutants of apoptosis can be found in the database of Zebrafish Information Network (ZFIN) at Oregon Univ or mirror sites of Australia, Japan & France
Publications related to apoptosis of zebrafish Publications are listed by using NCBI PubMed.
Zebrafish EST project EST clones of the several genes identified in the list are publically available in GenBank and their sequences have been determined in the WashU Zebrafish EST Project. The WashU-Zebrafish Genome Resources Project has also been started. EST clones can be purchased from Genome Systems, Research Genetics and Ressourcen Zentrum Primar Datenbank.
Browse the nucleotide sequence :
The nucleotide sequences of the genes can be browsed through NCBI Entrez. For example, please input "fb72f02" in the left text box and push the return or enter key. You may also check genes related to apoptosis by keyword search.
Download the raw sequencing data The raw data of the EST sequencing are available through the FTP server of the WashU Genome Sequencing Center. Users behind firewall use the alternative site. For more information, please access this site.
Search the new genes using BLAST To find  new genes with your own key sequences, BLAST programs of NCBI, EMBL, DDBJ are available. The author also provides the FORM with preset parameters as ALL-IN-ONE SEQ ANALYSER to maximize your ability to find the new genes.
The Zebrafish Book General information of zebrafish including protocols, provided by M.Westerfield (Univ. Oregon)
Zebrafish Information Server by R.Vogt (Dept. Biol. Sci. at the Univ. South Carolina).
Zebrafish Webserver at Cardiovascular Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital
Other zebrafish-related sites
Let's begin zebrafish
List of apoptosis regulators The proteins related to apoptosis, NF-kB and JNK are listed. The list has links to the sequence data of the genes and EST located in NCBI GenBank database.
Our recent review of Apoptosis Our recent review of apoptosis (especially caspases)  in Oncogene. You may directly access to the PDF file of our article.
Free on-line review of apoptosis
The first home page describing apoptosis in Japan [Inohara, N. (1998) Saibokogaku 17, 866-867]. To read this home page, you need Japanese fonts which is provieded by Microsoft, Unionway or other sites. You do not understand Japanese? Well, then you can hire a Japanese  who can explain it for you.
Index This home page is a part of Naohiro Inohara's home page. You can find  useful links and tool programs
Cell Death and Differentiation You can jump to the reference of this homepage(direct link) or the index home page

REFERENCE: Inohara, N. & Nunez, G. (2000) "Genes with Homology to Mammalian Apoptosis Regulators Identified in Zebrafish" Cell Death Differ. 7, 509-510.