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Physical Description

Foster is 5'8" tall and muscular, weighing about 200 lbs. He has curly black hair, and mismatched eyes much like his father, with a blue-green right eye and a brown left eye.

Personal Symbol

A coiled snake Foster's symbol is a coiled snake, probably stemming from his original association with House Vetch.

Official Titles

Marquis of Amber.


About Foster

"He must still have some of the feelings for me that he demonstrated when he first came to Amber. That could be a bit awkward." -- Ariana (August 25, 2994)


"I don't have lips right now." -- Foster to Felix

"The size of someone's brain has nothing to do with the stupid things you do." -- Foster to Felix

"I was winning until they hit me on the head." -- Foster to Felix

"It's like, when Rinaldo says 'Let's open the pits of Hell!', it's hard to say no." -- Foster to Felix

"You two are smooth like legos." - Jason, referring to Laughter and Foster

"Guess what, Grandpa, I've gotten Fiona's daughter pregnant." -- Felix paraphrasing Foster speaking to Gérard

"Foster shares more information with trees than he does with me." -- Felix to Gérard

"I'm leaving you." -- Laughter to Bart
"What?" -- Foster
"No, I'm leaving Bartholomew." -- Laughter
"You've been having an affair with Bartholomew?" -- Foster

"Foster Vetch, you've misled me in everything since we've met." -- Laughter to Foster
"Welcome to the club of sleeping with a Vetch." -- Kris

"I have great faith in Foster's ability to not be dead. To not be what he seems, in fact." -- Laughter to "Ahab"

"Respect your elders." -- Felix
"I'm older than you are, Dad." -- Foster

"Do you think that between the both of them, (Foster and Laughter) can form a complete brain?" -- Sean
"No, but they can cancel each other out." -- Jason

"You can't blame (Felix)." -- Laughter
"And why can't I blame him?" -- Foster
"Because I have the mind of a child." -- Felix
"Give it back." -- Foster

"(Laughter's) wearing pants, it'll look like two guys dancing." -- GM
"Foster can wear a kilt." -- Jason

"(Real magic) is basically the same concept (as faerie magic), just with a different method and different results." -- Foster to Laughter

"Foster is the only one Laughter can marry, because everything else would be heinous incest, due to all of the other marriages." -- Mer to GM

"Just knock me out, let me go through the (wedding) ceremony unconscious." -- Foster
"I don't think that's legal." -- Felix

"You won through deceit. How Vetchlike." -- Laughter to Foster

"What are you doing here?" -- Alex
"Well, the faeries seem to need my wife for something." -- Foster

"Foster seems oblivious." -- GM
"Oh, now there's a shock." -- Kris

"Foster's being exceptionally charming, which is a side of him you haven't seen before." -- GM
"It's his Vetch side. They can lie." -- Alex
"It certainly isn't from his Felix side." -- Kris

"I don't want to be a widower." -- Foster to Felix

"Tamaryn's her own woman." -- Felix
"I rather thought you were trying to make her yours." -- Foster
"She's trying to make me hers." -- Felix
"Your woman? Well, you do have the skirts." -- Foster
"I grab Foster's face." -- Felix to GM

"(Foster) brushes the hair out of your face." -- GM
"Don't do that!" -- Laughter
"He puts it back." -- GM

"You should have let me keep that chastity belt." -- Laughter
"I don't think that would have done much for our marriage, in the long run." -- Foster

"What happened to Foster?" -- Felix
"He did something stupid." -- Ariana
"That runs in the family." -- Foster

"I didn't exactly have time to date when I was in assassin's school, Dad." -- Foster to Felix

"(Laughter and Foster's) minds have been wiped." -- Nicholas to Felix
"How can you tell?" -- Kris

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"

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