Barimen Trump of Driscoll, 
3rd series

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Physical Description

Driscoll is 6'4" tall and slender, with blue eyes and snow-white hair that he tucks behind his ears.

Clothing Style

Driscoll's style of clothing varies greatly, but he is usually seen wearing non-mirrored sunglasses and an intricate dragon clasp.

Personal Symbol

A dragon Dragons have played a major role in Driscoll's life, so it's only natural that he should take them as his symbol.

Personal Colors

Brown and black.

Official Titles

Duke of Amber.
Emperor of Lazarus.


Driscoll was born and raised in Lazarus.



Bedlam: Shadow where Driscoll met and married Elen Finch, he is a famous singer there.

Lazarus: Driscoll's home Shadow, where he now rules the Lazarians.


About Driscoll

"It helps a lot to know that I'm not the only one who's felt this way, that there's nothing wrong with me because of how I'm reacting. That someday the pain will fade. If he survived the death of his wife, then maybe I can survive the loss of my son." -- Ariana (August 23, 2994)


"Oh great, he sings well. Can we move on to someone useful?" -- Ahab to the crowd around him at the slave auction, referring to Driscoll

"Now that you are lost to me, I'm willing to be your friend." -- Driscoll to Laughter

"Driscoll was brainraped by Ahab...He's got a larger mind now, because of that." -- GM
"Well, you know, the swelling." -- Matt S.

"(Has Ariana) just been talking with Laughter and Driscoll and stuff?" -- Sean
"Yes." -- Kris
"Why else would she drink?" -- Mer

"My tongue was in (Driscoll's) mouth before he figured out I was coming on to him." -- Laughter to Ariana

"Foster raped Driscoll?" -- Ariana
"Sort of, except Driscoll was willing." -- Laughter

"I don't know if I can do this, just because Foster would be horribly betrayed if *both* of us had sex with dragons." -- Laughter to Driscoll

"Driscoll wasn't the one who got et by a dragon, he's the one who fucked a dragon." -- Liam to Matthew R.

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"

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