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Physical Description

In his true form, Lucien stands approximately 6'4" tall and weighs about 170 lbs., with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His hair is red, and longer in back than in front. The bangs and sides are short enough to lift back away from his face, while the back trails down in wisps to the nape of his neck. His eyes are bright blue and towards the large side, but are narrow and somewhat almond-shaped. He has a Roman nose, but it is not large, with defined cheekbones and a narrow chin.

Personal Symbol

A coiled 
serpent Lucien's symbol is a coiled serpent, the symbol of House Vetch.

Ariana's portrait of Lucien Vetch

Personal Colors


Official Titles

Duke Vetch, Head of House Vetch.


Lyn: Lucien's soul name while in his faerie form.

Mark: Identity used by Lucien to get close to Ariana, he was a flight instructor that she took as a lover while living in Maui on an Earth-like Shadow.

Martin Barimen: Identity assumed by Lucien after Patternfall, to fascilitate his information gathering in Amber. It was in this identity that he met Ariana and they became lovers for the first time. It's uncertain where the real Martin was during this period.

Oishin: Nickname given to Lucien by his first wife, Loryn, it became the name he is commonly known as amongst the Fey.

Riftvan: Name adopted by Lucien after Loryn's death, both because using Lucien reminded him of his life with her, and because concealing his true name made sorcery less effective against him.


Vetchways: The Ways of House Vetch in the Courts of Chaos.

early Trump of Lucien Vetch


About Lucien

"Soon, dear husband, we will be husband and wife should be...and our house will grow strong again." -- Angelique

"I am loyal to him over Eric, or Nicholas, or whoever else is on the throne, and he damn well knows that by now. Or he should, given that I have defied kings for him before." -- Ariana (August 18, 2994)

"How do you thank someone for giving up five years of their life for you, but putting you through hell in the process?" -- Ariana (August 24, 2994

"I still marvel at how a man with so much pride and honor could bear to run a house whose very nature is so dishonorable." -- Ariana (February 13, 0)


"(Riftvan's) been most cooperative, except when he was drunk." -- Laughter
"Drunk?" -- Foster
"Cooperative?" -- Alex

"You see, both Riftvan and Mandor can fry my brain, but I like Riftvan." -- Laughter to Ariana, Foster and Riftvan

"Vetch is just a character assassin now. He doesn't kill people, he kills their reputation." -- Lisamarie to the group

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"

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