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General Description

Having spent so much time in Shadow, Felix is out of touch with the lifestyle. He sees intrigue that isn't there, and ignores it while it stares him in the face. He's unusually sharp for "someone who hasn't the faintest clue." Could it all be a front? Nobody could be that stupid.

Physical Description

Felix is a bit on the short side for an Amberite; he just reaches six foot. It's possible that he may still grow, for he only appears to be in his late-teens/early twenties. The family hopes that he will grow -- Amber has all the "runts" it needs in Random and Fiona. What he doesn't have in height, Felix has in size. He has the stout build of farmer and a healthy complexion. He's barrel-chested, and has thick arms and legs. He has a solid square chin, outlined by a closely trimmed beard, with a mustache that hides his thin lips. His auburn hair is wavy, shoulder length, and usually tied in back with a ribbon. His eyes are his only physical defects. The problem is...well you see...his eyes don't always match. Their color ranges from a brilliant, clear blue, to the "flaming" green of a Rebmite's hair. You rarely see the same color combination beneath his bushy eyebrows. This has caused some minor anxiety, and the family jokes as to which Shadow his "real parents" live in. He usually takes the jibes with good nature. Don't joke about them when he's drunk...he knows that his "real parents" live here, in Amber, and you can just shut up.

Trump of Felix, 2nd series

Clothing Style

Felix favors Victorian and Renaissance clothing. He has one suit of town clothes that fit well - his town suit, as Felix calls it, consists of a black frock coat, and gray-check pants. On top he wears a charcoal gray brocade, double-breasted waistcoat, and a bright blue cravat. He often caps this off with a black, silk topper. Felix also favors another clothing style made popular about then -- the kilt. Unless the situation necessitates his wearing his town suit, Felix wears a kilt, a pair of laced-up brogues, knee socks and a loose peasant blouse. It's not as restrictive as his town suit, and he likes to be able to move if he has to. It's also a bit more comfortable for a man of his build.


Felix loves music and dancing...and drinking...and women -- all of these offering their own challenges. Life is to be experienced; Felix is open to most anything that makes the experience more enjoyable, and he does most everything with enthusiasm. There is almost always a smile on his face, if not on his lips, then in his eyes. He's also usually on the verge of song. Both of these can be wonderful or horrifying experiences. It all depends on your outlook.

Personal Symbol

An Irish Harp Felix's symbol is the Irish harp.

Personal Colors

Emerald green and royal blue.

Official Titles

Duke of Amber.


Jesus: Name used by Felix when he was undercover while trying to find Gérard. His body was shapeshifted in order to make sure he wasn't recognized, and as Jesus he was six inches taller and had a thinner build, with long, flowing black hair, a handlebar mustache, brown eyes, an olive complexion, and many tattoos. He was also missing a few teeth and had both ears and nipples pierced, much to his dismay.


Felix was born in Amber.


Amber: Felix maintains quarters in Amber Castle.

Bedlam: Shadow of Driscoll's where Felix lived for six years, along with the families of Random, Ariana and Laughter.

of Felix, 1st series

Early History

Prior to Age 13: Felix resided in Amber. His natural talents were recognized early on, and he started to learn fencing and wrestling as soon as someone would teach him. He didn't have many friends his age, not for lack of trying. There just weren't that many little Amberites running around when he was growing up.

Age 13-17: Time spent in school on Victorian Earth. Felix was sent away to school - his parents thought that he should have some friends his own age, and there weren't many around the palace. His education was not lacking - history, both military and civilian, architecture, chemistry. He tried to learn to play a couple of instruments - teachers at school had little patience, he found people in pubs more interesting. Felix also found pubs more interesting. Felix learned to play dumb in school. He found that people were less intimidated by him physically if he was less intimidating mentally. Classmates tried to take advantage of the large, "stupid" fellow, but few people succeeded in making Felix do something he didn't want to do. He tried boxing and wrestling, and became Captain of the school fencing and rowing teams. This led him to be very cocky at a young age, until, at age 16, he almost killed a classmate in a wrestling match. Felix was horrified. He sat around mumbling, "People break too easily in Shadow..." No one at the school understood what he meant. One of his uncles was there for the match, and under his medical supervision, the other boy was fine - no signs of any wounds at all. Felix learned the value of life - anybody's life - early on. He also learned not to take life too seriously - else he'd turn out like his classmates, prematurely aged and boring.

Age 17-21: Time spent shipboard. He spent four years in the Royal Navy aboard a tall ship. "Last time I get drunk in the port district..." Basically, Felix got pressed into the Navy after graduation. Good luck was with him in its own way, for after the sailors dragged Felix shipboard, the pub burnt down in a horrible fire. Felix got to see the world (of that Shadow). He enjoyed shore leave a whole bunch - not much to do on shore leave but get drunk and have sex. Felix did both fairly often. He also headed a few press gangs of his own - spread the fun! "See the world" and "Think of Crown and Country" and all that rot. This instilled a sense of loyalty in him - he's a very patriotic fellow. He was one of the most successful recruiters of all time, very few people said no to Felix.

Age 21: Walked the Pattern. "Walking the Pattern was one of the most serious moments in my life. As I gazed at the Pattern, blazing on the floor before me, I softly said to myself, 'Today I am an adult.' Overhearing me, Flora turned to me, rolled her eyes, and said, 'No... Today, you get your driver's license,' and with that she pushed me onto the Pattern..."

Age 22-23: Time spent in Amber, and various Shadows. It was nice to be able to walk Shadow, but Felix wanted to come home to Amber. He was told that he was too young to really worry about getting acquainted with Amber, and that he should continue his studies. Life in Amber was a humbling experience - Felix found out he wasn't as good (skilled) as his time in Shadow led him to believe. He quickly learned to leave Uncle Brand alone - especially when Brand asked. His parents weren't very happy about that, and it took him forever to clean the wall. Always looking out for her son, Isabeux had a number of suggestions to keep Felix busy. "Maybe you should try med. school?" He sent out applications, but Patternfall came up while he was waiting for a response.

Age 24-25: Felix spent much of the two years of Patternfall in wait - ready for the call to battle, should Chaos choose to return. He knew that he could have followed the troops had he wanted to fight, but after coming so close to loosing most of his favorite uncles and his father, he thought he'd stay at home with his immediate family. Felix worked out most of the time. He wanted to be in top form, should Amber call. He wrestled with his father whenever Gérard was available (and would indulge). He also tried to improve his fencing, but Driscoll was one of the only people left to practice with, and Driscoll was more interested in his little girl. Felix was interested in the news from the front, but the reports were few and far between, since contact from the front was difficult, at best. He was glad things were going so well, but not really looking forward to seeing Corwin on the throne. Felix didn't know Corwin very well, but Corwin hadn't done much to inspire trust or respect in Felix.


About Felix

"He can't seem to go five minutes without insulting me or my family in some way." -- Ariana (August 18, 2994)

"That Tamaryn is a damn fine woman, though Felix certainly didn't seem to appreciate my eye for the finer things in his life..." -- Ishmael

"Like his father, he can be safely counted upon...and disregarded. Felix has claimed his destiny; he will father many fine sons and daughters. Pity he couldn't aspire to some greater goal than living his life as breeding stock." -- Whimsy


"Well it has to do with Sand, but it's not about Sand" -- Felix to Ariana

"Don't give me that look. I don't know where you've been." -- Felix to Bart

"What do you know about pedestrian, fish-boy?" -- Felix to Bart

"I was a faerie once and I didn't like it at all." -- Felix to Laughter

"(Bart) calls me stupid. I don't like that." -- Felix to Isabeux

"Caine slept with a Viking?" -- Foster
"A woman, I'd imagine." -- Felix

"I wouldn't believe me either if I was the third person, but I'm only one." -- Felix

"Ooh, there's the left thingie. And the right thingie." -- Felix to Ariana

"And then (Foster) told me he can forge my handwriting." -- Felix
"Anyone can forge your handwriting, Felix." -- Ahab

"Felix talks to himself and loses." -- Sean

"Mind altering drugs are probably not a good thing when you have power cosmic." -- Felix to Foster

"I could grow claws and rip the flesh off of your arm." -- Foster
"Yeah, but I'd be peeved with you if you did that." -- Felix

"(Fiona) might say, 'Ooh, morning breath!' and fry my brain or something." -- Felix
"Well, if you'd like to brush your teeth, by all means..." -- Laughter

"Hello, Felix, I've come to bury the hatchet." -- Mirelle
"Mother!" -- Felix

"Felix tells you everything he knows, you mock him, and then you leave." -- Sean

"Is Kimdyl going to reach out with the Logrus and grab the Jewel shards?" -- Felix to Ahab
"Are you nuts?!" -- Kimdyl

"This (Trump) takes us where we're going, then? I guess it does, or you wouldn't be giving it to me." -- Felix to Ariana

"Foster shares more information with trees than he does with me." -- Felix to Gérard

"What is this, the blind leading the dumb?" -- GM, referring to Laughter and Felix

"(Foster's) my son. (Laughter's) just this woman who wakes me up in the middle of the night." -- Felix to GM

"Respect your elders." -- Felix
"I'm older than you are, Dad." -- Foster

"Let's wait for them to come to us, and then blow them up." -- Felix to GM

"Does Llewella accept the call?" -- Felix
"No." -- GM
"Bitch. I say that after I've put away the card." -- Felix

"Are any of the Chaos ships left?" -- Ariana
"Well, they all sank, but they're all Chaosites, they might enjoy Rebma." -- Felix

"I suppose it is my duty to offer unconditional love and get you drunk every now and then." -- Felix to Foster

"I don't want to be here anymore." -- Felix
"Are you sure you want to be here?" -- Foster
"I don't know." -- Felix

"You must be the Serpent." -- Felix to the Serpent

"Can I duck?" -- Felix
"No." -- GM
"But I have more warfare than the Serpent." -- Felix

"You just got maced by the Serpent." -- Merrie to Liam, after the Serpent spit poison in Felix's face

"You feel (the Serpent's) coils brush around your feet." -- GM
"Stop that!" -- Felix

"(The others) didn't run into the Serpent. I don't think. It didn't feel bulgy." -- Felix to Gérard

"(The Serpent) is not much of a conversationalist." -- Felix to Ariana

"What else would you like to know about the wedding?" -- Foster
"Rings?" -- Laughter
"One for each nipple." -- Felix

"You can't blame (Felix)." -- Laughter
"And why can't I blame him?" -- Foster
"Because I have the mind of a child." -- Felix
"Give it back." -- Foster

"We were traveling..." -- Felix
"We? There's only you." -- Keimo
"Then we weren't." -- Felix

"I say softly in Thari, well, loud enough to be heard..." -- Felix to GM

"You have a problem?" -- Foster to Felix
"I...wear...skirts." -- Sean, speaking for Felix

"You might want to brace yourself." -- Oberon to everyone, as he reforms the Jewel
"I bring up the Logrus." -- Felix to GM

"If you can't provide a sword for your wife, what kind of husband will you be?" -- Felix to Foster

"I don't want to talk to Fiona and her husband. I'm sorry Fiona, I know you're listening in." -- Felix to Foster

"That was an awfully long time ago." -- Shard
"No it wasn't, don't you love Shadow?" -- Felix

"Just knock me out, let me go through the (wedding) ceremony unconscious." -- Foster
"I don't think that's legal." -- Felix

"Felix, I remember you being taller." -- Nicholas
"And I remember my younger sister beating you up." -- Felix

"They know what causes (pregnancy) now." -- Eris
"The Pattern." -- Felix

"You just say that because you think that you defeated me." -- Felix
"As I remember it, you were on your knees telling me you yielded." -- Eris

"Are there any eligible lords floating about?" -- Eris
"What, in the boat?" -- Felix

"You have all of these guns pointed at you." -- GM
"How many is all?" -- Felix
"About 20." -- GM
"Fuck." -- Felix

"I've got bad news for you. Well, not terribly bad, but ungood. Your dad tried to develop space travel last night, and failed." -- Ahab to Foster

"Do be a dear and stay away from large explosives in the future." -- Tamaryn
"I'll try, but they're so tempting." -- Felix

"It's the only thing I've ever figured out." -- Felix to Fiona

"You hear a noise behind you." -- GM
"Do I turn around?" -- Felix
"You tell me." -- GM

"I tell (Tamaryn) that the reason she was so secretive in Shadow was not because she was a demon ninja from Chaos, but because she soils her clothing. And then I smile willingly." -- Felix to GM

"Foster's being exceptionally charming, which is a side of him you haven't seen before." -- GM
"It's his Vetch side. They can lie." -- Alex
"It certainly isn't from his Felix side." -- Kris

"Tamaryn's her own woman." -- Felix
"I rather thought you were trying to make her yours." -- Foster
"She's trying to make me hers." -- Felix
"Your woman? Well, you do have the skirts." -- Foster
"I grab Foster's face." -- Felix to GM

"Am I still conscious?" -- Felix
"No." -- GM
"Then I'm going to have a pop." -- Felix

"Tell me what good harming you would do me?" -- Mandor
"Give you a few minutes of pleasure and a spring in your step?" -- Felix

"You're talking to the wrong person about lacy, doily things." -- Felix to Bridget

"You'd expect a little more open-mindedness from a man who wears a skirt." -- Laughter to Foster, referring to Felix

"Don't make me remind you how to talk to your father." -- Gérard
"In Thari?" -- Felix

"What can I do for you?" -- Felix
"Well, I had a thought." -- Laughter
"Good for you?" -- Felix

"What else is (Foster) going say? That he sleeps with dead dragons? That he likes food in the wrong sort of way?" -- Felix to Tamaryn

"(Kimdyl's) guards were dispatched as well." -- Felix
"Does this sort of thing happen often?" -- Ronan
"Well, we had a good track record until recently." -- Felix

"I'm slow but amiable." -- Felix to the group

"I'm the dad that can't do a thing." -- Felix to GM

"(Kimdyl) didn't die (when I kicked her in the head), and she wasn't Queen then, so it wasn't wrong." -- Felix to the group

"And Felix is blindly babbling on, because he does that." -- Liam to the group

"Felix is learning more about the universe than he ever needed to know." -- Liam to the group

"Donal gives me that same look when he doesn't want to eat Brussels sprouts." -- Tamaryn
"Donal's a fool for passing up food." -- Felix

"For the first time in my life, I don't know what the future holds." -- Tamaryn
"We could send you back to Shadow Earth, where the future holds game shows and romance novels." -- Felix
"Tamaryn punches Felix hard somewhere soft." -- GM
"Maybe not." -- Felix

"I've invited you in, what else am I supposed to do?" -- Felix to Laughter's kids
"There's always food." -- Haris
"This one's mine." -- Felix to Isaac

"So, you're marrying your son off for inciting rebellion. What did I do to you?" -- Felix to Eric, upon being told that he's in danger of being married off

"Men in skirts, and the women who love them." -- Sean, about Felix

"Arranged marriages...I don't like them for me, but I could grow to like them once I'm married." -- Felix to the group

"Jalana is Ariana's daughter, she can probably read my every thought. There are farm animals that can probably read my every thought." -- Felix to Tamaryn

"Murine knew, but you're not Murine, are you?" -- Felix to Tamaryn

"I know (Iseult) is doing something stupid. She's my granddaughter." -- Felix to Ronan

"Boys, how would you like to learn man spit?" -- Felix to Crispin and Donal

"So, Felix spends the morning teaching his children to spit?" -- GM
"Not anywhere my parents can see us." -- Felix

"Gavin has a bigger psyche than me." -- Ariana
"That's unfortunate." -- Ishmael
"Don't look at me." -- Felix

"If (Whimsy's) getting shoes, what are you doing here today?" -- Alexandra
"Oh, nothing. Just getting out." -- Felix
"The GM told me that plot lay this way." -- Kris, speaking for Felix

"Briana has a very strong mind for a child her age. Briana has a very strong mind for a child my age." -- Felix to Ishmael

"I don't have a need to play social worker of Amber if Ariana's going to do that." -- Felix to GM

"Thanks for watching the children." -- Ariana
"It's Felix you should be thanking." -- Tamaryn
"Thank you Felix. I appreciate that you didn't let them walk the Pattern this time." -- Ariana, to herself

"Can't we just give (Ronan) back to Eric as a dog? I didn't say that." -- Felix to Tamaryn

"How are you reacting to the big light?" -- GM
"I'm going to stand there and shake my head. Then I'm going to go get breakfast." -- Felix

"Felix, it's kind of a sparsely attended breakfast." -- GM
"More food for me." -- Felix

"Does my danger sense go off?" -- Felix
"No, your pin does not think the note will jump up and bite your face." -- GM

"I don't need strategy! I have paper papier-mâché!" -- Felix to GM

"There's Felix and a crowd of small children over looking at the (wedding) cake." -- Liam
"And then Felix says, 'I dare you.'" -- Kevin new

"As much as I want cake, I don't want to piss Whimsy off." -- Felix to GM new

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