Barimen Trump of Laughter, 
2nd series

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Physical Description

Laughter is about 5'4" tall, with black hair a bit past the shoulders, blue-violet eyes and fair skin (traditionally black Irish, looking kind of like a female Corwin).

Clothing Style

Dress is somewhat casual for Renaissance England, usually a white shirt and an embroidered tunic, in various tones and shades of lavender. She carries a sword of some magnitude, and a visible silver dagger. The dagger is not in her Trump.

Personal Symbol

An apple tree An apple tree.

Personal Colors

Green, lavender and white.

Official Titles

Duchess of Amber.
Queen of Foil.


Lavender: Name given to Laughter by Caitt, who thought Laughter was her own child. Laughter's siblings found the name difficult to pronounce when they first started speaking, their attempts sounding more like "Lavder," which evolved to "Laughter," the name that has stuck to this day.

Mairsal: Name given to Laughter by Fiona when she was born.



Foil: Shadow where Laughter grew up, and where she now rules.

Rath: Shadow used by Laughter for the express purpose of raising and maintaining her army.


About Laughter

"Sometimes I wonder why she even bothers coming back to Amber, since she spends so little time here. I wish I could talk to her about...what's happened. But she's been gone for so long, that I'm not even sure I know her anymore." -- Ariana (August 20, 2994)

"Imagine suddenly learning that you have five children and two husbands, none of which you remember." -- Ariana (August 25, 2994)

"What must my sister be like to confuse even Fiona? Is she devious, random, contrary, or simply mad? Mother said that she is like some sort of book that leaves one feeling vaguely uneasy for the sole reason that it lacks an easy label...neither comedy nor tragedy nor romance...only vaguely surreal and always surprising. That, for me, is Laughter." -- Whimsy


"Impending senses of doom are just not cool." -- Laughter to GM

"That's not very honorable." -- Laughter to Bleys

"Raised by wolves? That just doesn't happen!" -- Laughter to Felix

"I know there's a lot of dragons, therefore I am wary." -- Laughter to Ahab

"I'm sorry, my mind escapes me." -- Laughter to Ironclaw

"Can I ride on your tail?" -- Laughter to Ironclaw

"So, do any contact with any castle pages by the well back in Amber?" -- Laughter to Driscoll

"I'm only going to contact one more person. Then we're going to have to go to plan B, which I don't have yet." -- Laughter to GM

"(Fiona) might say, 'Ooh, morning breath!' and fry my brain or something." -- Felix
"Well, if you'd like to brush your teeth, by all means..." -- Laughter

"Separate me from Sequence and what have you got? An Amberite who doesn't cook." -- Laughter to Clytemnestra

"Go ahead, kill me, all the problems of my life would be, like, over. OK, don't kill me, I'm mostly saying that on bravado." -- Laughter to Clytemnestra

"I see why (Driscoll) likes you now." -- Clytemnestra
"Because my mind is easy to control?" -- Laughter

"I saw Brand lay (Fiona) down, arrange her, and spread rose petals around. This is why I think he did it." -- Laughter to Benedict

"You two are smooth like legos." - Jason, referring to Laughter and Foster

"Laughter would have a slit in the dress, for ease of access. For the sword, for the sword." -- Merrie

"There's three sides to my personality: the Amberite who can't cook, the Amberite with a sword, and the Amberite who fears dragons. Which of these would you rather have?" -- Laughter
"I can teach you how to cook." -- Fiona

"OK, sure I'll marry you. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a spell on you." -- Laughter to Foster

"If (Jordan) looked just like me, we'd be identical." -- Laughter to Ariana

"Damn it, he's made me mad. I'm marrying you now whether you want me to or not!" -- Foster to Laughter

"Didn't I just get a lecture for doing stupid stuff without telling you?" -- Foster
"Well, I'm telling you!" -- Laughter

"It's a good thing Foster doesn't have legs anymore, because it's going to take me a while to get over this rape thing." -- Laughter
"Your optimism is appalling." -- Fiona

"Are (Foster's) legs nice?" -- Laughter
"They're much like his old legs, only shiny and metallic." -- GM
"No, I meant personality-wise." -- Laughter

"I always find (traveling by Logrus) very amusing, actually. Wait, have I ever traveled by Logrus?" -- Laughter to Ariana

"I was under the impression that you felt remorseful about killing Calamus." -- Ariana
"Well, I take it all back." -- Laughter

"You see, both Riftvan and Mandor can fry my brain, but I like Riftvan." -- Laughter to Ariana, Foster and Riftvan

"Except for the latest person who tried to rape me. Except he's the only one." -- Laughter to Foster

"I'll go light something. Like, you know, a light." -- Laughter to GM

"So you're doing this spell, without doing any research?" -- GM
"Well, I'm researching it now." -- Laughter

"(Laughter and I) are having a long conversation over the unconscious bodies of our loved ones." -- Ahab to GM

"Does that mean you're mad?" -- Laughter
"What?" -- Mandor
"That whole eye thing." -- Laughter

"In Chaos, appearance is everything." -- Mandor
"I'll stay in Amber." -- Laughter

"Laughter is so stupid!" -- Merrie to the group

"Any pain that you cause me, I choose to feel." -- Laughter
"That's a side to Fiona that I was not aware of." -- Mandor
"I'm pretty sure that's not from Fiona." -- Laughter

"What is this, the blind leading the dumb?" -- GM, referring to Laughter and Felix

"(Martin) appears to be breathing." -- Ariana
"Yes." -- Laughter
"Was he breathing before?" -- Ariana
"Well, yes." -- Laughter
"A small hint. When people are breathing, they are not dead." -- Ariana

"I'm leaving you." -- Laughter to Bart
"What?" -- Foster
"No, I'm leaving Bartholomew." -- Laughter
"You've been having an affair with Bartholomew?" -- Foster

"Walking the Pattern is not like talking to Mandor." -- Laughter to Foster

"Gee, I no longer want to be a trained assassin, and my fiancée is trying to talk me out of it?" -- Foster
"Well, what are you going to do if you're not an assassin?" -- Laughter

"Now, I just have to defeat Vetch in combat, and I'm free (of the House)." -- Foster
"Foster, if you're dead, I won't marry you." -- Laughter

"I have my four-point armor on, so (Foster) can only behead me." -- Laughter to GM

"Once I've beaten the snot out of (Foster), I'll make up with him." -- Laughter to GM

"When are you going to learn to think?" -- Ahab
"I wasn't aware that you found it that necessary a skill." -- Laughter

"You wake up to someone patting your face." -- GM
"Is it someone I know?" -- Laughter
"I don't know. Are you going to open your eyes and find out?" -- GM

"The others didn't make it, Laughter." -- "Ahab"
"When you say they didn't make it, you mean the others are in a different holding cell, right?" -- Laughter

"Do I remember having morning sickness?" -- Laughter
"No." -- GM
"Is that because I don't remember any mornings?" -- Laughter

"I've got no plan, but I've got some things to do." -- Laughter to GM

"Why did (Laughter) have to be the one who is free?" -- Kris
"Because she's the least qualified." -- Sean

"That's the most intelligent thing you've said so far." -- "Ahab"
"I actually like this guy." -- Laughter

"If I don't tell you my plan, I won't have to kill you." -- "Ahab"
"Good point, I'll live in ignorance." -- Laughter
"When haven't you, my dear?" -- "Ahab"

"I have great faith in Foster's ability to not be dead. To not be what he seems, in fact." -- Laughter to "Ahab"

"Feed me to a dragon. I dare you. It's never been done before." -- Laughter to "Ahab"

"I have no idea what I'm looking for, but I'll know if I find it." -- Laughter to GM

"It's been one hell of a day. Corwin's going to be King of Amber, and Ahab has breasts." -- Laughter to Ariana

"Knowing Laughter, they're probably discussing baby names. Foster looks kind of pained." -- GM
"In much the same way that everyone does when talking to Laughter." -- Kris

"Laughter is taking this opportunity to get some fencing in, since it's better than vomiting." -- Merrie to GM

"I'm not mad. I'm just annoyed beyond all possible reparation." -- Laughter to Foster

"Let's go kill her." -- Sequence
"I like Ariana!" -- Laughter
"Oh. That's right. Sorry about that." -- Sequence

"I have something to ask you. How does one go about arranging a marriage to Julian's son?" -- Laughter to Foster

"Do you think that between the both of them, (Foster and Laughter) can form a complete brain?" -- Sean
"No, but they can cancel each other out." -- Jason

"I only want what my daughter wants. Or something." -- Laughter
"You want Shard?" -- Sean

"If Calamus' Shadow got a hold of Song, it might think he was Calamus and follow him." -- Ariana
"Well, yes, but I'm planning not to be captured." -- Laughter

"Just because I'm not going to marry you, doesn't mean I don't love you." -- Laughter to Foster

"Well, I guess that tells us something." -- Laughter
"Yes, it tells us not to do that again." -- Ariana

"The last thing we want is for Foster to be in awe of Jordan. That helps our case not at all. Whatever our case may be." -- Laughter to GM

"So, what do you suggest I do with Laughter, thump her on the head and drag her home?" -- Foster to Ahab
"Oh, just try it, Chaos boy." -- Laughter

"I have a few questions." -- Laughter
"Not that you ever did anything with the answers." -- Calamus
"Someday I might." -- Laughter

"Let's just say that death expands the mind somewhat." -- Calamus
"Whatever." -- Laughter

"I always thought you rather grudgingly hated me." -- Laughter
"Yes, but that was before we had sex, and you suck." -- Calamus

"You lose the hand that was holding the Trump deck." -- GM
"How badly does this hurt?" -- Laughter

"OK, so I should have been prepared (with a death curse). I'll be prepared next time." -- Laughter to the group

"It isn't like (Fiona's device) took much to master, Fiona made it for Laughter." -- Merrie to GM

"So you got gnawed to death? Dragons don't do that." -- Laughter to Foster

"I'm thinking, if this castle gets invaded, I'm going to be sad." -- Laughter to the group

"Would you like to take a bath? I won't be joining you." -- Laughter to Ariana

"If (Arthur) kills (Laughter's) dad, she'll marry (him)." -- Mer to the group

"I've told you on more than one occasion that your father is a bastard." -- Fiona
"Yeah, but you slept with him." -- Laughter

"If (Tamaryn's) son won't lactate, then she'd better not." -- Laughter to GM

"If I ask you a question, will you tell me the truth?" -- Laughter
"I'll try." -- Mandor

"I'll gladly take your father any day of the week." -- Laughter to Foster

"Perhaps you should tell me of (what you are planning) now, so that I can refuse to speak to you now rather than later." -- Laughter to Mandor

"Foster suggested I buy a title. The Chaos ambassador suggested I buy a title within one of the allied houses." -- Laughter to Mandor

"I'm trying to think of a punishment worse than death." -- Laughter
"I'll take death, then." -- Arthur
"Worse is a subjective term." -- Laughter

"Do you remember the circumstances under which I met Riftvan and Ariana?" -- Laughter
"Not really, since I wasn't there." -- Ahab

"(Fighting the forces of darkness) is always a noble goal. I'd be fighting my father, if that were the case." -- Laughter to Meander

"Are you to marry a prince from a dark realm?" -- Meander
"Ah, no, that never went through." -- Laughter

"We touch the tube with our toe." -- Laughter
"You go numb up to the knee." -- GM
"We don't do that again." -- Laughter

"I like to think of myself as incredibly pointless. It's a punishment from my parents." -- Laughter to a city guard

"No man wants laughter in their bed." -- Laughter to a city guard

"I suppose outlawing slavery is out of the question?" -- Laughter
"Unless you can think of another way to make up for 50% of the city's income?" -- Orion
"Tourism?" -- Laughter

"Some husband I'm going to be, I can't even protect (Laughter)." -- Foster to Felix
"From herself?" -- Jason

"Do you think you could Logrus out for a small child?" -- Laughter to Alex

"I'm looking for Fiona. I'll ask her where she went." -- Laughter to GM

"It's not work, though, except when it's work." -- Laughter to Fiona

"(Laughter's) parentage aside, she's just not malicious." -- Foster to Felix

"How does one correct death?" -- Shard
"I don't know. Ask Oberon?" -- Laughter

"Lavender." -- Oberon
"You know my name." -- Laughter

Laughter has no clue!" -- Mer
"We know this." -- Kris and Sean, in unison

"The moral of the story is that if you don't know the rules of the Shadow, don't go widening any assholes." -- Laughter to Nicholas

"If I can learn regular sorcery, maybe I'll be a better daughter." -- Laughter to Fiona

"You know what I'm saying." -- Laughter
"Yes, unfortunately, I do." -- Fiona

"I'm going to try to access the Disc." -- Laughter
"How are you going to do this?" -- GM
"I'm going to wake Foster up and ask him how to do it." -- Laughter

"Foster is the only one Laughter can marry, because everything else would be heinous incest, due to all of the other marriages." -- Mer to GM

"Fiona hasn't gotten around to teaching you to mask your thoughts, has she?" -- Bleys
"You can do that?" -- Laughter

"I Trump Ariana, this is her pet vampire, after all." -- Laughter to GM

"(Haris) can't be Driscoll's child, because we never slept together." -- Laughter to GM

"It's about an unexpected pregnancy. Well, frankly it's between Dad and Shard." -- Foster
"That's not physically possible." -- Laughter

"How are you going to dance?" -- GM
"On my feet." -- Laughter

"Laughter will dance with Foster, and make a snide comment about Driscoll. Perhaps a snide comment to be named later." -- Mer to GM

"Well, we could get down on our knees and beg." -- Foster
"You don't even have any knees." -- Laughter

"I'm not toying with (Vetch), I'm using him." -- Laughter to GM

"I thought we were only speaking of the past metaphorically." -- Riftvan
"Well, I mean metaphorically in a different way." -- Laughter

"I assume that you are calling me to service?" -- Riftvan
"I don't know if I want to do that, you might hurt me." -- Laughter

"It just occurred to me that a wedding takes a lot of careful planning, so could you wake your father up?" -- Laughter to Foster

"I think I can find an errand to keep (Vetch) in the vicinity of your wedding." -- Mandor to Laughter
"Has it occurred to you the sort of errand Mandor would find for an assassin to do around your wedding?" -- Kris to Mer

"(Laughter's) mind is an open book, that no one can close." -- unknown

"Shouldn't you be planning your wedding?" -- Fiona
"What is there to plan, the priest knows we're coming!" -- Laughter

"What's holding (the men's loincloth) up?" -- Laughter
"String. It's tied in a bow on the side." -- GM
"I touch not the bow." -- Laughter

"What is (Riftvan) going to do to me? Torture? Death?" -- Laughter
"Oh, nothing so obvious." -- Ariana
"There's something worse than that, but not so bad." -- Laughter

"(Laughter's) a nice, Catholic girl, with druidic, paganistic tendencies." -- Laughter to GM
"You're about as Catholic as Henry VIII." -- Jason

"With Haris' grandparents, he's going to be a force to be reckoned with." -- Mer
"You'd think that, but look at Laughter." -- Jason

"I may be responsible for the deaths of three princes and a king. Foster can sleep with Viktoria, for all I care." -- Laughter to GM

"I am not a prize to be won or lost, I made my own decision. Not a decision made on logic, mind you." -- Laughter to Foster

"I run over to Ariana, and do my level best to arouse her. I mean rouse her." -- Laughter to GM

"Is Nicholas cute?" -- Laughter
"Yes." -- GM
"He can be my son-in-law, then." -- Laughter
"How are you going to stop him?" -- Ahab
"I'll be disapproving from afar." -- Laughter

"Crown Prince of Amber. Vampire. Which is the lesser of two evils?" -- Laughter to herself

"The fact that a conversation was never started doesn't mean that Laughter can't continue it." -- Jason to the group

"As Ahab said, the living and the unliving really shouldn't live together." -- Laughter to Foster

"Laughter had a master plan? Weird." -- Felix to Nicholas

"I have an upset stomach. You're the one who made it that way. You and Oberon." -- Laughter to Foster

"I'm going to Hellride to Sequence. Well, maybe I'll Hellwalk, if my butt hurts too much." -- Laughter to GM

"(Riftvan) killed someone else, though." -- Ahab
"Do I owe them money?" -- Laughter
"I don't see how it would do him any good." -- Ahab

"Will you admit that it was a moment of extreme stupidity to bring a master assassin into Amber?" -- Ahab
"No, it was a moment of extreme stupidity to ask my father to help." -- Laughter

"I'd love to rail at you about this, but the next day you'd just go into denial." -- Ahab
"That's not true." -- Laughter

"If I approve (Beauty's) intentions after she's told them to me, then I'm only doing it because she's right or she's wrong." -- Laughter to Driscoll

"What offense do I now make?" -- Beauty
"You're defending me. To my face!" -- Laughter

"At least (if you caused me grief) I'd know you're developing normally." -- Laughter
"You mean the crush on the undead wasn't enough for you?" -- Beauty

"Denial is a safe place to be." -- Laughter to GM

"I'd be mad for three weeks..." -- Laughter
"And then I'd go kill a bunch of people." -- Sean
"That's part of being mad." -- Mer

"If Beauty could go out and kill things, I think she'd feel better, but that's just me." -- Laughter
"I think you're projecting." -- Ahab

"She's my girl! Sweetie! If only (the rosebushes) bled a little more, you'd feel better." -- Laughter to Beauty

"You've said time and time again that I'm an adult, and I can make my own decisions." -- Beauty
"Not when they're the wrong ones!" -- Laughter

"I'm beginning to think that killing a whole race of people was easier than subduing a 14-year-old." -- Laughter to GM

"What happened to my perfect Celtic existence?" -- Laughter
"What perfect existence?" -- Sean
"I killed people, I took their heads, I put them over my doorframe. It was a perfect existence." -- Laughter

"I'm kind of obligated to feel your pain whenever I have to." -- Laughter to Foster

"When you get back to your room, you notice you don't have a door." -- GM
"I think, 'This is new.'" -- Laughter

"I handle (Fiona's pregnancy) with as much grace as Laughterly possible." -- Laughter to GM
"Meaning none." -- Matt

"A couple of the mercenaries you brought in (for Rath's army) look like they could eat babies in sauce." -- GM
"I don't have a problem with this." -- Laughter

"I figure that since everyone can read my mind, I may as well push it out there for everyone to see." -- Laughter to GM

"I hug Beauty a long time, because it would suck if I never saw her again." -- Laughter to GM

"What am I here for?" -- Laughter
"You're to be the brains of the operation." -- Fiona
"Foster pales even more." -- Matt

"You can't get out (of Dara's Shadow), but you can get in." -- Suhuy
"That's how traps work." -- Laughter

"As long as I'm not dead, I must be doing OK." -- Laughter to the group

"People would stop harassing you nearly as much if you were dead." -- Laughter to Ahab

"I suppose I could always get in trouble and have the sword take us back." -- Nicholas
"It takes us back to me!" -- Laughter

"What's 'dead,' Mommy?" -- Haris
"That's when you don't breathe." -- Laughter
"I don't think I can hold my breath that long." -- Haris
"That's why you're dead." -- Laughter

"If we're getting invaded, I'm staying in the tree." -- Laughter to GM

"(Foster) brushes the hair out of your face." -- GM
"Don't do that!" -- Laughter
"He puts it back." -- GM

"That's a scene I haven't seen in many centuries." -- Ironclaw
"An Amberite scratching her head?" -- Laughter

"You should have let me keep that chastity belt." -- Laughter
"I don't think that would have done much for our marriage, in the long run." -- Foster

"That's not sneaky, 'cause this is me, and this is you." -- Laughter to Ariana

"I thought that since I was this close to being here, I may as well come here." -- Laughter to Mandor

"If (either Foster or Driscoll) kills the other, my problems will be solved. I don't think that will happen." -- Laughter to Felix

"(Has Ariana) just been talking with Laughter and Driscoll and stuff?" -- Sean
"Yes." -- Kris
"Why else would she drink?" -- Mer

"Does earning my keep consist of daily beatings?" -- Driscoll
"I don't know. I probably should have checked." -- Laughter

"You can force a man to do voluntary action." -- Laughter to Ariana

"My tongue was in (Driscoll's) mouth before he figured out I was coming on to him." -- Laughter to Ariana

"I gave up on genocide...when I realized the faeries were more powerful than me." -- Laughter to GM

"You're going to handle that whole puberty thing, right?" -- Foster
"No, actually I was thinking of letting (Iseult) muddle through it on her own." -- Laughter

"It's a pretty piss-poor torture session when the prisoner gets M&M's for every right answer." -- Sean
"It would work on Laughter." --Mer
"It would work on Laughter?" -- Sean
"But cookies would work better." -- Mer

"You'd expect a little more open-mindedness from a man who wears a skirt." -- Laughter to Foster, referring to Felix

"Foster raped Driscoll?" -- Ariana
"Sort of, except Driscoll was willing." -- Laughter

"Well, you'll never catch me with my mouth closed." -- Laughter to Mandor

"Hary pretty much picks (Iseult) up and holds her there until the fit stops, and then puts her down." -- GM
"That's OK, that's what Foster does with me." -- Laughter

"You always die from the last, biggest, stupidest thing you ever did." -- Laughter to Fiona

"I'm going to like your sister." -- Ariana
"Well, you're not touching her. I'm sorry, my best friend can't sleep with my sister. My mind would blow up." -- Laughter
"It would be a small explosion." -- Sean

"(Teresa) has the air of plotting against you, but you don't know why." -- GM
"Does she have the air of plotting against her brother?" -- Laughter
"Yes." -- GM
"Well, that's OK, then." -- Laughter

"What's the good of being who I am, if I'm just not any good at what I do?" -- Laughter to Drumm
"You're just not good at anything useful." -- Matt

"What were you doing in Foil?" -- Ariana
"We were hunting Drumm in a neutral fashion." -- Laughter

"I wanted to help, until I remembered that I wasn't a genocide." -- Laughter to GM

"What can I do for you?" -- Felix
"Well, I had a thought." -- Laughter
"Good for you?" -- Felix

"I've just been dumped in garbage by Teresa, I'm going to go kick Eris' ass." -- Laughter to GM

"(Eric's) bonding with his son, no one wants to interrupt him." -- GM
"No one wants to see it, there's a difference." -- Laughter

"It was a mean and spiteful thing, that I should have outgrown a long time ago." -- Eris
"Well, you're an Amberite..." -- Laughter

"You know, if I were Queen, I'd be opening up universities, brothels, casinos..." -- Laughter to the group

"It's probably beneath your dignity to talk to a rabbit, after all." -- Laughter
"I was not aware that my position came with dignity." -- Bart
"Well, the rabbit's certainly doesn't." -- Laughter

"(Laughter) slept with her brother and then killed him. It's such an Amberite thing to do." -- Kris
"It's not like it was the same week or anything." -- Mer

"One kick for every hurt." -- Dead Oaks
"Well, be sure to tell me when it starts hurting." -- Laughter

"You know how Foster loves children, and Driscoll does too." -- GM
"Yeah. I don't see either of them offering to blow one out of their left nostril." -- Laughter

"What are you talking about?" -- Bill Roth
"Bigamy, but without all the bad connotations." -- Laughter

"Nicholas won't let me play with one of the jewels unless you watch." -- Laughter to Random

"You're not really Brand in disguise, right?" -- Laughter to Fiona

"I don't think genocide is a felony." -- Laughter to GM

"I don't think they're going to give me the Jewel of Judgment." -- Laughter to the group
"First you'd have to display some." -- Sean

"So Laughter's like Cthulu. In talking to her, you lose sanity points." -- Mer to the group

"Did Brand show up? Because I was going to kill him, see?" -- Laughter to GM

"Your Majesty, don't joke about that, A, and B, tell me that you're joking!" -- Laughter to Nicholas

"I have thought up an apt punishment. You get to plan the wedding with Bartholomew." -- Nicholas
"I'm not marrying Bartholomew!" -- Laughter

"Everyone's ratting people out." -- GM
"Not me. I don't know anything, see?" -- Laughter

"It's not my secret to tell." -- Ariana
"They shouldn'ta oughta let you reincarnate out of the species, then." -- Laughter

"How many points did (Shard) pay to be killed?" -- Laughter to GM

"I am 40. I cannot be spanked." -- Laughter to the group

"I'm terribly smart sometimes...except when I'm not." -- Laughter to Ariana

"My children can lose (their virginity) with members of the family, like everybody else." -- Laughter to the group

"You find Vixen hard to read." -- GM to Laughter
"Laughter finds books hard to read." -- Liam

"Laughter is ultimately friendly, even when she's trying to kill you." -- Mer to the group

"Are you on drugs?" -- Robin
"Why?" -- Laughter
"You make no sense." -- Robin
"You'll get used to it." -- Laughter

"I like having Mandor as my dad. It's like having Mr. Burns as my dad. But slightly different." -- Laughter to the group

"Do I die?" -- Laughter
"No." -- GM
"OK." -- Laughter

"So, how much do (the Hellmaids) watch me at night? Can I carve (a Trump) in the wall with my blood?" -- Laughter to GM

"I went to the Ahab school of tactics." -- Laughter
"This is why you keep getting in trouble." -- Sean

"I can't believe my mom is whoring for the Alex-guy." -- Laughter to the group

"Hey, now Alex is Laughter's fifth father." -- Matt
"High-fiver man, you have worked your way into this tangled web of sickness." -- Mer

"What do you think of older women?" -- Laughter
"I thought you'd never ask." -- Bart
"No, I want you to seduce my mother." -- Laughter

"Stop Trumping me, I can't see where I'm going!" -- Laughter to Felix

"Well, I suppose if one of (the children) does walk the Pattern, it will serve as a splendid reminder to the others." -- Laughter to the group

"(Vixen's) a trained assassin, and now she's opening a brothel. This can't lead to anything good." -- Laughter to Alexandra and Gavin

"That's it! I'm going to go open a brothel and invite only Brand." -- Laughter to the group

"(Foster) took me at my word? Wow, I obviously don't have him cowed enough." -- Laughter to GM

"Well, the nobles were all whiny and said, 'No, I don't want to be part of your guard,' so I went to the disenfranchised and offered them a place in Amber." -- Eric Braun
"Cool! That's how Laughter assembled part of her diplomatic staff!" -- Mer

"You know what, I'm not going to like it if you're not you anymore." -- Laughter to Ariana

"Can I still pee?" -- Laughter to GM, after being cursed by an Unseelie faerie

"Suddenly, my eyes are full of dust, and the next thing I know, I was full of lust." -- Laughter to Foster

"I have no dignity left." -- Laughter to Caitt
"You never had any to begin with." -- Kris

"(Ronan) thinks Brand is tapping his mind, so he keeps changing it every few minutes." -- Kris
"He goes to the Laughter school of tactics." -- Eric Braun

"Crispin dives into bed, his mouth going a mile a minute, something about Laughter and a bunch of strangers." -- GM to Felix
"More husbands?" -- Sean

"So, who's on Brand's side, because we should kill them too." -- Laughter to Eric

"I don't know if I can do this, just because Foster would be horribly betrayed if both of us had sex with dragons." -- Laughter to Driscoll

"Basically, I have to go out and raise an entire crew of battle-ready women, or I have to have sex with a dragon." -- Laughter to Driscoll

"Do I recognize any of the people who came through?" -- Whimsy
"Laughter." -- GM
"Oh shit, that means they're incompetent, but not evil." -- Whimsy

"(Laughter and Foster's) minds have been wiped." -- Nicholas to Felix
"How can you tell?" -- Kris

OF Unicorn
"Outrageous Fortune"

Done by Kris Fazzari.

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