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Central Campus Air Quality Model (CCAQM) Instructions


Download CALINE 4

Download the following files and save them in a common directory.

CALINE4 Graphical User Interface          

CALINE4 Executable     

CALINE4 Central Campus Run Input       





Running CALINE 4

Open the CL4 graphical interface, and choose File from the menu header.  Go to Open, and choose the ‘central_campus’ data file.  This will provide the existing geometry for the central campus line source grid and receptors, as well as the traffic volume for each link.  Familiarize yourself with the model parameters in the section that follows.

Once you have entered all appropriate data fields, click Run on the Job Parameters page.  A command window will open, then close, and then an output file will appear called C4$.  This file contains the modeled ground level concentration data at each receptor.  See the Model Output section for information on interpreting the output data.