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This tutorial was developed by Grant Weber and Heather Phillips as their term project for Mechanical Engineering 589 - EcoDesign and Manufacturing taught by Professor Steven J. Skerlos at the University of Michigan College of Engineering;  December, 2004.


We would like to thank Cheng, Krause, Thompson, Kostun for the development of their "ME599 Term Project Webpage", December 7, 2001.


The following resources were used in compilation of this tutorial:

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  9. ADVISOR 2002; Advanced Vehicle Simulator software created by the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Center for Transportation Technologies and Systems.
    Special thanks to Miles Chan ( for ADVISOR software assistance

  10. MATLAB Version Release 12.1; ADVISOR runs in the MATLAB/Simulink environment (note: ADVISOR 2002 only runs in this older version of MATLAB)

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  12.; Environmental Protection Agency; Clean Air Act; National Ambient Air Quality Standards; November 2004
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