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In this section, we aim to convince the United States government to maintain and enhance its current LORAN system by creating an online network of LORAN supporters. We hope to push these supporters into activism, and to introduce them to organizations and websites that also support LORAN. Read on to find out how you can help Save LORAN!

The Case for LORAN

The LORAN (Long Range Navigation) system was first developed during World War II to aid the United States in maritime navigation. It has since been used in other major conflicts, such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars. In the late 1970s, the United States launched the first test satellite for NAVSTAR GPS (Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging Global Positioning System). Since then, LORAN use has decreased, and attempts to end the system have become more persistent.

Currently, GPS is used in several critical applications. For example, modern cellular phones depend on timing data that GPS satellites transmit. If these cell phones cannot receive this information, they cannot operate properly. Unfortunately, there is no reliable backup system to GPS. Furthermore, GPS is vulnerable to both environmental effects and military attack. That is, GPS signals are so weak that weather conditions and solar anomalies affect their accuracy; and, certain nations can already destroy satellites with land-based missles.

LORAN transmitters propagate signals with between 50 and 200 MW of power. At these levels, LORAN is almost impossible to block. Furthermore, the LORAN system uses land-based transmitters, which are easier to defend than satellites. Modern DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technologies can also be used to enhance the LORAN system. eLoran, for example, has been shown to obtain positions as accurate as unenhanced GPS. Furthermore, such enhancements may be used to back up the GPS system; that is, if GPS were ever lost, LORAN would temporarily provide navigation and timing data in its place.

Global communication and navigation technologies are important components in modern life. Unfortunately, these technologies are also extremely vulnerable. If such technologies were suddenly lost due to satellite vulnerabilities, the world would face extreme consequences in terms of economic stability, national defense, and public health.

Thus, we implore the United States to continue its LORAN program and enhance the system's capabilities.

Get Involved!

One of the best ways to influence American radionavigation policy is to contact United States senators and representatives. Below, we provide contact lists for every United States representative and senator, along with relevant Congressional committees. We urge you to contact your representatives and senators! If you don't have the time to write your own letter, simply copy-paste the above section ("The Case for LORAN") into your e-mail message. Let your voice be heard!

Another great way to support LORAN is to network with fellow LORAN supporters. Meet these fine citizens by joining the following social networking groups, and unite alongside them by signing the following petition to the United States government:

Finally, be sure to keep up on the industry by visiting the following LORAN-supporting websites:

The best way to affect change in American radionavigation policy is to become involved in the effort to shape it. If we say nothing, then those with the power to change it may not realize the dangers currently facing global communication and navigation systems, or the grassroots support that LORAN already maintains. So, speak up! It might seem strange or require a certain degree of courage; but, if you commit yourself to the effort to save LORAN, you indeed might save the entire world from the catastrophic effects of navigation and communication loss.