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Team FPG-eh Bios

In this section, we introduce the members of Team FPG-eh, which is comprised of three graduate and two undergraduate students. Between February and April 2007, we developed a LORAN-C Positioning System with the support of two graduate student instructors and one professor. Below, we describe our technical and educational backgrounds, and detail our responsibilities on the project.

Thomas Mikulski

Thomas Mikulski
Thomas is a graduate student at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) studying Control and Computer Hardware. In April 2007, he graduated from the University magna cum laude with undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Sound Engineering. As a student, he assisted in the design of a LORAN-C Positioning System, out-of-order processor, embedded SIMON game, and various NP-hard algorithms. He also participated in a quantum computation and information research project. He currently works with the U.S. Army TACOM-TARDEC on tactical vehicle modeling and simulation. He also teaches an introductory C++ course at the International Academy of Design and Technology (Detroit). He has extensive quality control experience with Cyberlogic OPC servers and control network drivers (Modicon, Allen-Bradley); and, he has designed several websites for various groups from inside and outside the University.

Thomas is also a classically-trained pianist and violinist. He has a strong background in musical improvisation, composition, theory, sound recording and mixing. He performs regularly with Ichtis, a Polish-Catholic music group; and, in July 2002, he performed for U.S. President George W. Bush and Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski with Cantate Deo, another similar group. He volunteers regularly for various organizations; and, he maintains an avid interest in international politics, education, religion, philosophy, film and comedy.

Project Responsibilities: TD Calculation, Website Design
Contact: tmikulsk@umich.edu