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to the

I, ______________________________, pledge to take my child to school on the
   (Your Name)                       second Monday in February annually.

I, ______________________________, pledge to visit my child in school on a regular basis.
   (Your Name)

I, ______________________________, pledge to recommit myself to my child's education.
   (Your Name)

I, ______________________________, pledge to involve myself as much as possible
   (Your Name)                       in my child's school activities.

I, ______________________________, pledge to provide a proper study environment
   (Your Name)                       for my child in my home.

I, ______________________________, pledge to supervise and review my child's homework
   (Your Name)                       each night.

I, ______________________________, pledge to speak to my child's teachers regularly about
   (Your Name)                       his/her academic and social performance.

I, ______________________________, pledge to teach my child the value of an education.
   (Your Name)

I, ______________________________, pledge to spend quality time with my child.
   (Your Name)

I, ______________________________, pledge to be a positive role model for my child.
   (Your Name)

I, ______________________________, pledge to work hard to keep my child healthy and drug free.
   (Your Name)

I, ______________________________, pledge to work cooperatively with my school and
   (Your Name)                       community toward educational excellence for all children.

This is my pledge --- This is my commitment _________________________________
                                             (Your Name)

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