National African American Parent Involvement Day

"Every parent wants their child to have a better quality of life than they themselves had. It is the American dream; and for many African Americans, this dream has not been realized as a result of their child's failure in school. Education is the key to success and parents are educators' greatest allies." - Joe Dulin

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Information Sheet


NAAPID is a national call to action to get African American parents more involved in their children's education. It is expected that this national observation will open up dialogue among teachers, parents, and students, which will lead to a more conducive learning environment for African -American students from kindergarten through college.

This call to action is designed to address the serious achievement gap facing African American students. According to the Michigan State Department of Education, for example, African American students are at the bottom of the scale in Reading, Mathematics, and Science. They continue to lag behind other ethnic and minority groups. This pattern is said to begin as early as fourth grade. African -American students seldom recover from this educational deficit.

With the many failures of African- American students in our colleges and univsrtities, something must be done to retain these students and support them through to successful graduation. Therefore, NAPID is making a concerted effort to reverse this trend and expand its efforts to include colleges and universities.

Monday, February 10, 1997 throughout the nation -- during Black History Month. The impact of this national action day will result in ongoing benefits, throughout the school year, toward a goal of educational excellence for African American students.

The NAAPID call to action will take place in local school districts, at neighborhood schools, and at colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Contact the NAAPID national office at (800) 351-4097.

For further information, contact the NAAPID national office at (800) 351-4097, or send an email message to Joe Dulin at NAAPID, Be sure to include your name, title, organization, address, phone, fax, and email address along with any request for information. Thank you.

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