y:Ün:iv:es:ýXi Aaôf em:eS:g:n:

Review of forms. (from Chapter One of  Hindi Structures, pp 4-5)

 Translate into Hindi.

   1.  Who is in this room?  My father.

   2.  Where are these girls going?  To Delhi.

   3.  I think that four seers ( s:ðr,  m.) is enough.

   4.  Which road shall I take?  The one to Bombay.

   5.  Is your car out of order (= Q:rab: ) ?  Yes, since yesterday.

   6.  My daughter does not understand Hindi.

   7.  Will you fix this for me?  For my brothers?

   8.  She was singing and everybody else ( b:aqi ) was listening.

   9.  Have you been able to write that letter?  No, I haven't.

 10.  Some people had arrived there at eight-thirty.

 11.  We met them in their office at two-thirty.

 12.  Listen!  I'm not your father.  So why should I give you money?

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Keyed in and posted 7 Sept 2001.