y:Üen:v:es:ýXi Aaôf ev:ej:üen:y:a

English to Hindi-Urdu translation exercise on reduplication and its uses

        Apply reduplication to the appropriate word or sentential element.  Where to reduplicate may be indicated by underlining (A) or by the phrasing (B).  Models:

A.  He's not interested in money.  He wants fame ( kiet:ü).     =>
            us:ð p:òs:ð-v:òs:ð s:ð kam: n:hiø.  us:ð kiet:ü c:aehO,  kiet:ü.

B.  (Let) each boy bring two coconuts.     =>     Ok-Ok l:_ka dað-dað n:aery:l: l:ðt:a Aav:ð  (or  l:aO )  .

1.  This is the situation  ( hal:, masc. )  in each and every home.

2.  What all do you need?

3.  His deep blue eyes filled with tears.

4.  Tell the truth.

5.  The more they would go forward, (the more) the water went on getting deeper.

6.  These days every paisaa is hard (to come by). ( X  ki t:øg:i hað- )

7.  Every child knows this thing.

8.  As time passes, their power  ( S:eVt:,  f.)  goes on growing.

9.  (Everyone) has his desires  ( Aarz:Ü, fem;  AeB:l:a\:a, fem.)  


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Drafted and posted 10-14 Nov 2002.  Checked by  Aan:nd e¾v:ðdi  15 Nov 2002.