y:Üen:v:es:ýXi Aaôf em:eS:g:n:

Translation exercise on linking verb to verb with V-n:ð ka and V-n:ð ki.

            Translate into Hindi. Use V-n:ð ka  or V-n:ð ki  wherever possible.

1. The farmers tried to clear ( s:af kr ) the wells before the rainy season b:rs:at: f ).
2. The army has gotten the order to stop all tourists.

3. They must be in a hurry to fill the boat.

4. Wait for the right moment ( G:_i f ) to come.  Then we'll show our strength.
5. Maybe somebody is thinking of opening a new shop here.

6. She began to be sorry she stayed.

(An earlier version of this translation exercise appears in § 9B of  Hindi Structures 1979, p 77.)


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Posted 3 Sep 2001.