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June 2017 - this is an Ebook
Euler's Equation for Children - Just Jim
it is a Work in Progress, Download it here:

Foundations of Ambient Temperature Superconductors

OpenFPS - OpenGL Bullet SDK for Old Games - 01/09/2016 Wonder if I can get this to Work

Page Returned - 03/31/2015 - Wolfenstein 3D

DooM and Doomsday Engine Stuff

The Kubacki Family Tree

Maternal Ancestors & Paternal Ancestors of me which is to say:

Direct Paternal Bloodlines of
George J Waurzyniak (1921-2009),
Albert G Waurzyniak (1892-1974),
Michael Wawrzyniak (1864-1940),
Michael Wawrzyniak(1829-1909),
or Stefin Wawrzyniak(?-?)

Direct Maternal Bloodlines of
Dolores M Waurzyniak (b. Ochylski)(1926-),
Clara Ochylski (b. Krawczewski)(1894-1964),
Antoinette Krawczewski (b. Schramm)(1874-1942),
Catherine Schramm (b. Dardas)(1843-1923),
or Rose Dardas(b. ?)(1820-?)

Maternal Ancestors & Paternal Ancestors of my wife and her side of the family:

Direct Maternal Bloodlines of
Noreen E Kehoe (b. Fox)(1921-2011),
Ellen Rose "Rosella" Fox (b. O'Brien)(1894-1983),
Mary E O'Brien (b. Duggan)(1862-1931),
or Margaret M Duggan (b. Quinn)(1833-1909)

Maternal Ancestors & Paternal Ancestors of a brother's wife and her side of the family:

Direct Maternal Bloodlines of
Luann M Waurzyniak (b. Lloyd)(1962-),
Mildred A Newman (b. Abbey)(1932-),
Verlie Abbey (b. Teede)(1909-1991),
or Anna Teede (b. Vicle)(18??-?)


The Genographic Project by National Geographic - Human Migration, Population Genetics

Ambient Temperature Superconductors

I want to determine the Material Structure and recipe for Ambient Temperature Superconductors. Then I will release this information as Public Domain.

I am just way so far over my head.
At every turn I have to figure something out.
This is Great.

Some good stuff about Mineralogy

Even a little on this subject serves to explain a myriad of elements from other topics. Some abstract concepts are becoming clearer just by playing with a paper model or picking up a rock.

Unraveling Symmetry and Point Groups

Crystal structures are determined by the arrangement of atoms in the molecules that make them up. In solids these molecules align with their neighbours and the basic geometry of the atoms expands to a macroscopic level.

The Source of the Mineralogy Page

A far richer understanding of Mineralogy and Crystallography can be found here:

Type II Superconductors

Ambient Temperature Superconductors

This is the plan.

Tutorials - Computational Chemistry

Tutorials - Interfaces

The Chemistry Applications talk to Each Other

Computational - calculate properties

Interfaces - prepares input and displays output

Programs - a bit more stand alone than Interfaces

Other Programs - kind of like Programs

The Official Home Pages provide a good starting point for Resources and Tutorials

External Links to Tutorials

The Official Pages have tutorials but I found these additional ones very useful.

P Chem Quantum Chem Tutorial
Avogadro - GAMESS - MacMolPlt

IaNiusha - YouTube
- but it uses Gaussian which I can not access
- I will figure work for the free Computational Quantum Chemistry Software

Computational Quantum Chemistry Software









Gabedit - Home - gabedit




PLATON shelx interface


Ascalaph Designer


Encifer 1.5.1


Open Babel

Other Programs



ChemSketch Freeware

Accelrys Draw
Accelrys Draw - no-fee



Sky Globe - Star Chart of the Entire Night Sky

Probably one of the best things I ever built.

There are two habitable planet candidates orbiting Tau Ceti in the constellation Cetus.

About one in five stars could have earth-like planets.

1g Star Ship

It is worth the while to look here:

Stellarium -

This is the best planetarium software I have ever used. It was easy to install and set up. I have experimented and get wonderful results for efforts. I never got around to reading the instructions.

It has been a pleasure to stumbled around in the dark and know what I am seeing and where I am in the galaxy.

I made three attempts to explain Physics without leaving gaps. I failed.

There are some decent pictures here and the equations are correct. Maybe these are the rambling of a Madman or reflect my inability to communicate a World View that is both detailed and expressive.

For what it is Worth:

Physics Mathematics Chemistry - a rewritten draft

Learning Physics 01 - better edit and available as an EPUB

00 - The Attempt - This is actually pretty good to get an idea of how algebra and trigonometry relate to Physical Space. It is also available as an EPUB.

And, this is where I quit this project.

Constellations and Mythology

Here are first source translations of Greek Mythology. The footnotes and cross references have been removed so that they read as the original stories were told. They are formatted as .html and .epub so that Text-to-Speech is enabled. I do not see very well these days and can not read as much as I would like

How to build a Patio out of Pavers

I've been meaning to update this site for quite a whole, but have been busy with other thing.

It has been about 13 years and our patio is as stable as when we built it.

Honorverse Timeline Booklist

I read the main series starting with HH1 On Basilisk Station and could not put then down. I found the other series just as riveting.

Excellent science fiction.

How to tell Congress what you want

Directory of Representatives - US House

U.S. Senate: Senators Home

North Celestial Sphere South  Celestial Sphere
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