Wolfenstein 3D: High Resolution Texture, Model Packs and User-Made Episodes

March 31, 2015 - Content

April 4, 2015 - gzDoom, DooM, Heretic, FreeDoom, Textures and Models

Wolfenstein 3D using NewWolf Engine

Wolf3D.zip is Wolfenstein 3D - readme Wolf3D.txt uses NewWolf engine, high-res textures, 3D models by Bosco; sprites are low-res

NewWolf: Wolenstein 3D for OpenGL by DarkOne the Hacker
Version 0.73 (02/March/2006) (c) 1999-2006 DarkOne

pak1.pak contains selected textures from FreeLanZer's High Resolution Wolfenstein Pack
Jacob "FreeLanZer" Østergaard

Laz Rojas' remakes of Wolf 3D for Doom


Operation - Arctic Wolf by Laz Rojas

Spear of Destiny - Return to Danger by Sgt. Shivers

gzDoom engine used on this site

freedoom 1 & 2

DooM High Resolution Textures and Models

Heretic High Resolution Textures and Models

Alternate Hi-Res Packs