» honopu ridge trail
The Honopu Ridge Trail winds it's way through dark forests, thick vegetation, and along ridgetops, as it leads to a stunning viewpoint. The trail is not officially maintained or marked so you must climb over or under many fallen trees, climb down steep slopes, and find your own way to the correct trail (bring a compass or GPS). Much of the trail is through the forest but at times you emerge on ridges or hillsides where you are given a bird's eye view of the surroundings. Towards the end, the ridge becomes narrower and narrower as the views get better and better. Below you, you can see birds and helicopters soaring around, and above you, the skies are often filled with large dragonflies.

More information on this hike can be found in the ubiquitous Kauai travel guide: The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed.

Looking down on Honopu Valley.

Me on Honopu Ridge (Photo by Megan).

The amazing Na Pali Coast.

Megan in a tree hole, on the edge of Honopu Ridge.

Nearing the end of Honopu Ridge.

Above the trees.

Left: Megan on the trail. Right: Looking back at the trail.

Left: Ocean below. Right: Me along the ridge (Photo by Megan).

Look closely and you can see me in the distance (Photo by Megan).

Honopu Valley.

Megan along the ridge top.

Me along the ridge (Photos by Megan).

Looking back from the farthest point I walked out to. As you can see, the trail gets a bit dicey towards the end.

Our path, 5.2 miles total.


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