Information on any of the hikes/sights shown on this page can be found in the ubiquitous Kauai travel guide: The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook: Kauai Revealed.
» nu'alolo - awa'awapuhi loop
This was a 10 mile loop with some spectacular views, but the trail also spent a lot of time in the woods.

Nu'alolo Valley from the Nu'alolo Cliffs trail.

Na Pali Coast from Lolo Vista.

Bit of a crazy trail that goes out on a narrow ridge that drops thousands of feet on both sides.

Various views from the trail.

Me near the Awa'awapuhi lookout (Photo by Megan).

Left: Megan at Lolo Vista. Right: A helicopter (white speck) flying up Nu'alolo Valley.

A peak below Lolo Vista.

In the bottom right corner you can see some mountain goats.

» queens bath
Queens Bath is supposed to be a placid tide pool but when the winter surf rolls in, it can be an unsafe place. We couldn't even really figure out where the pool was supposed to be as the rocks were continually getting slammed by waves. We had just heard on the radio that morning that two people had died there yesterday after being swept off the rocks by a large wave. So, we were overly cautious about exploring the area and we got nervous when others crept close to the edge of the cliffs as large waves crashed over them.

Not sure where the bath was, but watching the waves was pretty cool.

» more

The start of the Pihea Trail.

Megan at the Secret Lava Pools.

Naluakeina Summit towering above Kipu Kai Beach (this area is privately owned, but will probably one day become a state park).

Kipu Kai Beach.

Jagged cliffs. Kawelikoa Point is in the background.


Wailua Falls.

Different colors inside Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon from the helicopter.

Waimea Canyon from the helicopter.

Waimea Canyon from the helicopter.

Waimea Canyon from the helicopter.

Large waves, Tunnels Beach.

An interesting tree that has figured out how to grow on cliffs.

A peak above the Kalalau Trail.

The view looking down from the end of Honopu Ridge.

Clouds spilling over the cliffs.

Naluakeina Summit.

Some flowers we saw on our Honopu hike.

Hanalei. The mountains are more impressive when they aren't blocked by clouds.

Our condo.

Pearl Harbor as we flew out of Honolulu.


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