Draft: a speech recognition telephone call-flow

Read it aloud!

(Or better, have an assistant read it aloud while you don't look at the screen.)

We don't have any mixed fruit cups.

I can give you: mandarin oranges, an apple, or peaches.

(short pause)

You can choose one now, or else I'll just give you peaches.


[Timeout/NoResponse] [Unrecognizable sounds] ["OK/yes"] ["No"]
["Apple" clearly (or "No, I want apple", or "No, I want an apple", etc.)] ["Apple" indistinctly]
["Mandarin Oranges" clearly (or "No, I want oranges", or "No, I want mandarin oranges", etc.)] ["Mandarin Oranges" indistinctly]
["Peaches" clearly (or "OK, peaches", or "All right, peaches", etc.)] ["Peaches" indistinctly]
["Fruit", "Mixed fruit", "Fruit cup", "I want a fruit cup", etc.]
["Banana"] ["Pineapples"]
["Nothing", "I don't want any", "I don't want anything", "No fruit", etc.]
[4th unrecognized or low-confidence response] ["Whatever!"]
(Still checking all these...)

[Restart] [Bradley Lehman Resume]

© 2008 Bradley Lehman