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Bradley Lehman portrait Designing and documenting IVR applications for business and public service: VUI designer (Voice User Interface) ensuring industry best-practice standards. Call flows with database-driven logic, DTMF and voice dialogue design, Nuance speech recognition. Voice talent coaching for accurate delivery, Audacity audio editing of prompts. Handling complicated time-zone requirements for routing to agent skills or voicemail. Detailed assessments of integration specs and business-rule logic to identify and challenge any defects. Proficient user of MS Office365 and all the previous versions, plus MS Visio and proprietary design tools. I learn new tools quickly.

Other computer and business skills aiding IVR design and project delivery: Asking the important questions to help clients identify and clarify their firm requirements. Writing and revising project specs with clear version control. Managing expectations to prevent scope creep, and to identify billable changes. Clear paper trails of the stakeholders' agreements. Technical defect tracking in Atlassian JIRA.

Making the IVR systems self-report any technical outages to administrators and support staff. Using Sharepoint, SourceSafe, and Basecamp to safeguard the designs, code, data files, business agreements, and supporting documents. Quality assurance reviews of system integrations, troubleshooting problems at all levels. Documentation, copy editing, and writing test plans. SQL databases, Oracle, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data conversions, client/server architecture, and web development. Generating repeat business and billable upgrades as an advocate for the client's business success.

Non-computer skills and interests: Harpsichord performance, organ, clavichord, piano, classical recording production, music arrangement and editing, composition, basso continuo improvisation, tuning harpsichords by ear. Discovered a tuning method for Bach's music, and wrote internationally-known papers about it. Staff writer for a bimonthly journal reviewing classical music recordings, to exercise my public writing skills. Conversational in Spanish and German, and able to read French.


Role: A senior IVR design position creating and improving customer applications. I design and test sensible call-flows for automated support, self-service, and administrative systems. I make them efficient, clear, and non-intrusive.

Location: I live in Dayton Virginia, about 125 miles from either Washington DC or Richmond, and 65 miles from Charlottesville or Winchester. I prefer a mostly-telecommuting arrangement from an office in my house, if possible. Occasional business trips are fine at project milestones and to promote collaborative effort. Daily commuting to Bridgewater, Harrisonburg, or Staunton is also OK.

Experience and education

I bring 26 years of experience as a full-time computer software designer and developer, building applications for business clients and universities; the last 17 years as an IVR specialist. I have doctoral and two master's degrees in music performance and musicology (historical and analytical research), and a bachelor's degree in mathematics and music.

Details of my education and work history are in an MS Word version of this resume. They are also in my LinkedIn profile,

  • Education (1982-1994): University of Michigan, Goshen College.
  • Employers (1986-2017): Genesys & (2008-17), Tier Technologies & EPOS (1999-2008), CMDS (1996-9), University of Michigan, Goshen College. I was an IVR specialist for all of the companies from CMDS to date, 1999-2017.

Professional highlights and responsibilities since 2008

  • Was the primary designer/developer to support and enhance the current IVR systems for speech recognition, proper routing to 600 agent skills by complex rules, bilingual support, membership card renewals, other time-sensitive messaging related to membership. I helped AARP manage more than 1000 phone numbers related to their business, 2016-17.
  • Performed a best-practices design review for IVR usability, spring 2017: assessed seven customer-support applications of an auto manufacturer, Honda America.
  • Helped account managers and sales staff to generate repeat business and incremental upgrades with happy clients. My prototype apps and controlled releases showed clients the ways to measure their business success and the improvements in usability.
  • Documented and developed the IVR interface of the current driver's license renewal system for the state of Texas (new in 2017): managed and refined their design, identified and repaired business-rule holes in their integration spec's logic, built and tested the IVR code, led their user acceptance testing to successful release.
  • Performed call-recording analyses of IVR performance for an airline and other clients, assisting the speech scientists to recommend improvements
  • Development and Quality Assurance on long-term teams for other large clients: an electronics retailer, several banks and payment vendors, and a company that administers calls into prison systems
  • Built and supported more than 100 smaller client IVR/VUI applications for and Genesys. These are voicemail and call-center systems, and stand-alone applications with no agents. I worked variously on design, direct implementation, testing, and release cycles for:
    An installer of solar-energy technology, a beverage retailer, voter registration systems, utility companies, retailer product-support lines, product recall notification services, pharmaceutical information lines, medical and ambulance practices, a dental network, Planned Parenthood, job-search lines, credit card payment systems, payment tokenization with credit checks, subscription renewal notifications (outbound), social services (housing eligibility inquiries), 866OurVote, the Chickasaw nation, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and more.
  • Managed the company's purchase of professional voice-talent sessions from 2008-12; prepared recording scripts in several languages; ordered, checked, and edited the audio files for proper usability and effective timing.
  • Integrations with and Zendesk CRM to have phone calls properly pop database records to agent desktops. Integrations with other third-party tools to send SMS notifications to smartphones, perform area-code lookups for office locators, and provide specialized speech recognition features.
  • Thorough documentation and technical specifications for the above projects, within project budget allowances: I insist on having the resulting systems easily supportable from technical and business perspectives.
  • Assistant project management: served as liaison between technical teams and managers, provided backup coverage while project managers were out, mentored newer team members, and managed document repositories. I am a catalyst to help teams run smoothly, and to make sure all the important questions get asked.

Sample work

  • Sample 1: my professional blog entries about IVR design principles, 2008-11
  • Sample 2: a five-minute video I wrote and produced, directly demonstrating my IVR style
  • Sample 3: a ten-minute video analyzing problems I heard in live IVR systems by calling them
  • Sample 4: design of an IVR system as interactive web page mock-ups
  • Sample 5: a single question for speech recognition, showing the necessary design issues

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