Draft: a speech recognition telephone call-flow

Read it aloud!

(Or better, have an assistant read it aloud while you don't look at the screen.)

OK then, do you want mandarin oranges, or an apple?


Your choices are apple or mandarin oranges.


If you don't choose, I'll give you an apple.


[Timeout/NoResponse] [Unrecognizable sounds] ["OK/yes"] ["No"]
["Apple" clearly (or "OK, I want apple", or "I want an apple", etc.)] ["Apple" indistinctly]
["Mandarin Oranges" clearly (or "No, I want oranges", or "No, I want mandarin oranges", etc.)] ["Mandarin Oranges" indistinctly]
["Peaches" clearly (or "No, I want peaches", or "I want peaches", etc.)] ["Peaches" indistinctly]
["Fruit", "Mixed fruit", "Fruit cup", "I want a fruit cup", etc.]
["Banana"] ["Pineapples"]
["Nothing", "I don't want any", "I don't want anything", "No fruit", etc.]
[4th unrecognized or low-confidence response] ["Whatever!"]
(Still checking all these...)

[Restart] [Bradley Lehman Resume] The simpler IVR example is also available, for comparison.

© 2008 Bradley Lehman