Geological Sciences/Geography 201: Water, Climate, and Humankind

photo of Earth from space taken from de Blij and Muller, 1996


Grading and Lab guidelines


Notes from Fall 1996
Monday Wednesday Friday
6 Sept
9 Sept
solar system
11 Sept
sun-earth relationships, seasons
13 Sept
sun's energy, the atmosphere
16 Sept
atmosphere, cont.
18 Sept
radiation budget
20 Sept
radiation budget, cont.
23 Sept
colors in the sky, ozone depletion
25 Sept
ozone, cont., controls on temperature
27 Sept
temperature, cont., Greenhouse effect
30 Sept
Greenhouse, cont., aerosols, atmospheric stability
2 Oct
wind and atmospheric circulation
Exam 1
7 Oct
wind and atmospheric circulation, cont.
9 Oct
oceanic and atmospheric circulation
11 Oct
ocean basins, water, humidity, more on Hadley, air masses
14 Oct
weather, air masses, causes of precipitation, atmospheric lifting mechanisms, clouds
16 Oct
atmospheric lifting, cont., midlatitude cyclones, hurricanes
(18 Oct)
21 Oct
water balancing
(23 Oct)
25 Oct
climate on a hypothetical supercontinent, Koppen climate classification
28 Oct
Koppen, cont.
(30 Oct)
1 Nov
Koppen, cont.
4 Nov
6 Nov
soils, cont.
8 Nov
soils, cont., biomes
11 Nov
13 Nov
glaciers, cont.
(15 Nov)
18 Nov
climate and agriculture
Exam 2 22 Nov
glaciers, cont.
25 Nov
causes of ice ages
27 Nov
2 Dec
el nino/southern oscillation, groundwater, cont.
(4 Dec)
6 Dec
humans and the environment
9 Dec
humans and the environment, cont.

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