Geology/Geography 201 Links to Look at

General Science

  • Discover Magazine, including parts of current issues and back issues
  • The Why Files, a cute site with answers to some burning science queries
  • 21st Century Magazine
  • The Nine Planets - A multimedia tour of the solar system.


  • Xerox PARC Map Viewer - zoom in and out of any place on the Earth
  • U.S. Gazetteer - find any place in the US and view it on a map
  • Yahoo!'s Map links
  • Michigan State University - An obscene number of all sorts of geography links
  • Polar Pointers


  • U of M Weather Underground - access to weather and weather programs
  • U of M WeatherNet - more cool maps, forecasts, and info
  • The Weather Underground - forecasts and weather conditions in the U.S.A.
  • The Weather Channel's How and Why Page

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