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Basic Form
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When I first thought of doing these calculations, I figured a simple form would do it. Unfortunately, most simple forms use a cgi-bin processes on another computer. This particular form will put your phone number in a spreadsheet for Sandra.
Course Builder Form
Hot area 4 We had a workshop in the Educational Technology class to teach us about DreamWeaver and how to set up web sites to do various things. That was great, but when it came time for me to apply my knowledge, I found out that Course Builder, the extension needed to make such things, isn't available on all machines. Now even the things I made in the workshop no longer work.
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Julian Date Converter

Julian Date Converter Form

   year  month day    hr min sec  
CE BCE      UT
   Julian date    weekday
  calculation type
  JD date   

This form can be found here. (For some readon, I can't seem to find the original source anymore. Maybe it is no longer online?)

Finally, I found this form. This is a nifty little web site I used to calculate Julian dates when I was working on coming up with a good Martian calendar a few years back. There were several calendar ideas being bandied about, so we needed a way to compare them and came up with a Julian Sol (jSol). The advantage of the jSol is that it was simply the number of times a point on the surface of Mars had seen the sun since we started counting Julian Days on Earth. It was universal, and could therefore be used in our calculations.

If you are interested in learning more about calendar creation, I highly recommend Marking Time, a very funny book by an Australian on the history of the Terrestrial calendar.

If you are specifically interested in Martian calendars, feel free to drop us a line. Thom especially would like you to see his web site (and probably vote on something while you're at it).



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