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Daniel D. Slosberg

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2104 Thieme House
Max Kade German House
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Ann Arbor, Michigan
United States of America

I was born on January 30, 1977 just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I grew up in a small town just north of Kalamazoo, Michigan known as Plainwell with my parents, two sisters: Sarah Mauldin Slosberg and Deborah Ann Slosberg, and our dog, "Lady." During my high school years I attended up to three schools concurrently. Hackett was my home school: the one that actually gave me the diploma. The Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center is a wonderful magnet school which I attended all four years, one of the few high schools with a scanning electron microscope. I was also involved in the dual enrollment program at Western Michigan University my sophmore and senior years of high school. I went to the University of Michigan for a B.S. with Honors in Math and German as well as an M.S. in Space Sciences. On the way, I spent a year abroad in Germany at Uni-Freiburg and a year doing aerospace in Alabama at Huntsville. After graduating, I was a full time adjunct professor of math and physics at Kalamazoo Valley Community College for a semester. I am now back at the University of Michigan getting my M.A. in Education with a Secondary Teaching Certificate (MAC program). I am a member of KDP, an education honor society, and attended their fall conference.

My father, Dr. Eric Joel Slosberg, M.D., is Jewish. My mother, Rev. Coleen Smith Slosberg, M.Div., is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with dual standing in the United Church of Christ. I attended Monsignor John R. Hackett Catholic Central High School for four year. As a result I very religious even though I don't believe in God. In fact, God once told me that It doesn't exist.

I have many links to other pages including an expanding list of search engines in my links page! Yes, you read that correctly! You can now type your search inquiries directly into my page, and I'll search Yahoo!, Lycos, LEO German/English Dictionary, Info-Mac Archives, PAWWS Financial Network, and the rest! These include my extra-curricular activities, my classes, papers I have written, a site commemorating the holocaust, links to some of my friends, files you can download, my guestbook for you to sign, as well as my other web pages. Here's a page about how U of M denies students access of U of M's great supply of software.

Daniel D. Slosberg | salinay@umich.edu

November 8, 2003