"Teaching with Technology" (Education 504)


Technology Proficiencies

I have demonstrated proficiency in MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher 2002 (including web editing) Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements), Movie Maker, iMovie, Inspiration, EndNote, and a grade book program. In addition, I have demonstrated proficiency in technological operations such as transferring video from VHS to DV formats, using an LCD projector, and downloading and installing software.


Online Discussion Forum

Each week you will be required to engage in online discussion. You do not have to follow conventional writing conventions (grammar, spelling, use of colloquialisms, etc.) for this assignment, but there arebaselines/criteria for what counts as an adequate response. For instance, a one or two sentence response is never adequate. However, the quality, rather than the quantity of your responses will be evaluated. Sometimes you will be asked to post a response to readings, at other times you will respond to specific issues or questions.For each individual reading assignmentor issue post a response in the appropriate thread in the ÒDiscussionÓ section on CourseTools Next Generation (CTNG). Read other responses (at least five) and reply to at least one. Post by 12 midnight each Wednesday. Late postings will not receive credit. Additional readings may be assigned in the fall and will be provided.


Technology Integration Project

This is the major course project. Details about the project will be discussed in class and provided online. You will use the Intel Teach to the Future materials to help you develop the project, but we will use the Teaching for Understanding approach to inquiry and curriculum design, instead of Understanding by Design, the approach used in the Intel materials.


My 8 Required Workshops

iMovie/iDVD Workshop

I took the iMovie/iDVD workshop.

Inspiration Workshop

@@alt@@ These are some papers I've written of which I was at some point proud. Many of them were written my freshman year of college in my German class and most of them desparately need to be reposted in .pdf format. I also need to post my paper from the Mars Society conference.

PowerPoint Workshop

@@alt@@ This is all of my old web site. It's in a bit of disarray right now, but when I have some free time I'll get it in order.


@@alt@@ I'm learning how to use ArcView, v3.2 for my Urban Planning project. Here's a picture of the little dipper on the star chart I made for my "Create-Your-Own-Asterism" and "Star Party" lessons.

Class Management Workshop

Class Using Technology
October 31, 2003

I went to this workshop this morning. We talked about using technology in the classroom. The biggest thing I learned was that most schools have a technology consultant that you can get to come into the classroom and help you out.

DreamWeaver Workshop II

October 31, 2003


I'm learning how to use DreamWeaver--which is more powerful than Publisher and has the advantage that it works off websites, not proprietary files--to do these web sites.

The average size of a web site is 550 pixels. That's due to monitor restrictions.

I'll have a workshop on it soon, so I might as well collect questions here. 



    Questions on DreamWeaver
  1. When I try to just quickly link files, I sometimes get the problem that on the website it drops the ~salinay part of the web address. How can I fix this? 
  2. How can I get a standardized navigation bar at the bottom of all my pages that I don't have to update on each page each time I change it? 
  3. Why am I having problems with the logo to the left? 
  4. Can I turn off the auto-resize feature? 
  5. Can I auto-resize something manually? 
  6. Is the handout available on the web? 
We also learned about ImageReady. I made the following banner with ImageReady which is in the photoshop folder in applications.

Math & Science Workshop

This workshop was given by someone who works for Pasco, an electronic sensors company. He talked about all the benefits of using sensors. We encountered all of the difficulties thereof.

Flash Workshop

This was a cool workshop on Flash.

Unit Design Workshop

November 21, 2003

We also had to design a unit for this course. This is the open lab workshop to work on designing our unit.

Notes from Open Lab
  • Donnalee -- Doing Research on Pre-Service Teachers, How Students Exposure to Tech affects attitude, need students to volunteer to do survey
  • Bring 55 copies of an abstract/outline, with example lesson with technology on the back, put eMail address on abstract sheet, he gave us a handout on what we need to do.
  • one example of a winning MCOATT is http://www.umich.edu/~paulperr/MCOATT/
  • this is how to do a COATT thing.

ePortfolio Showcase

@@alt@@ December 5, 2003
T ime: 9 AM - 12 PM (Both sections)
Room: 2229 SEB Multimedia II 

Need either a PowerPoint or on the Web or a handout w/unit.

ED 504 Project Showcase: Technology Integration Projects. (SeeIntel Teach to the Future: Module 10.)


Final Paper

Due: December 12, 2003

At the end of the fall semester, a formal writing assignment must be submitted electronically as a Word document and must use APA style.

Paper: My current thinking about technology in teaching and learning. This is intended to be a piece of critical writing and therefore should not just include your opinions. References to readings should be incorporated into the paper. Two to three double-spaced pages with an additional reference page using APA style. 

Paper due by 5 PM: My current thinking about technology in teaching and learning. Upload to CTNG in the ÒAssignmentsÓ section.

Rough Draft Complete

COATT award

Due: March


Get an award.

Page: Home Page, About Me, ePortfolio, Papers, Old Site

Home Page, About Me, ePortfolio, Lesson Plans, Papers, Old Site

Daniel D. Slosberg | salinay@umich.edu

November 3, 2003