EDUC 504: Teaching with Technology

Fall 2003 workshops

Professor: Rod Williams,

1360G SEB

GSIs: Donnalee Grey,; Liz Kolb,

Prechter Laboratory (2nd Floor SEB)

Office Hours: Please email for an appointment.

Creating WebPages with Dreamweaver


October 31st, 2003 1:00-4:00pm

Final Star Chart


What to do for Showcase December 5th

handouts of unit or bullets/professional conference

everyone fills out MCOUT template

reflecting and teaching required afterward


Course Builder
Final Star Chart

Introduction to CourseBuilder

This is in the learning tab, a big red plus. It is a free extension of dreamweaver. this lets me put in a bunch of stuff in and will help me learn forms!

University of Michigan

Adobe Image Ready
Final Star Chart

This is in Adobe Photoshop. Cool subprogram.

DreamWeaver: Agenda, Course Builder Tutorial
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October 31, 2003