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Some general information about me;

I graduated in May 1997 from the University of Michigan. I enjoy reading and all kinds of games and puzzles. I love word games and interesting language facts. This may explain why I majored in Linguistics.

After graduation, I moved to Japan for 11 months in '97-'98. I took a month-long trip on the way back, going through Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and then bouncing around Europe for a few weeks.

Since I moved to Arizona, I have had some life-changing events happen to me. Both of my grandmothers passed away within three months of each other. I got married and then divorced to someone with whom I had spent 11 years of my life.

Now I live in the Phoenix area with my best friend. We have 2 dogs and 3.5 cats. (One cat kind of defected to our neighbor's house.) I am studying Spanish in my spare time because I think it's ridiculous to live in Phoenix and not know Spanish. We travel a lot and just bought an airstream travel trailer.

Things to know about me:

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