These were the directions that were printed on the package insert of one of those sticky lint-roller thingies that I bought recently.

FUZZ Roller

Adhesion Fuzz Roller by washing, As it is used by washing repeatedly roll without exchange:

Suit, Sweater Carpet, Sofa, Cushion Car seat and cover Dust or thread of handicrafts The fur of pet, etc., one can cleanse everywhere easily at any time.

How to use it

Pulling to the arrow direction, the cover will be open.

Stripe off the transparent vinyl over the adhesion roll.

With the rolling action back and forth, the dust is absorbed.

Deserve it inside its over after use it.

Adhesion-roll washing method

If the adhesive ability(power) is lost, Wash of the dust with water or lukewarm water. The adhesive ability will be repaired. (When you use it instantly, dry it with a towel)

When the adhesive ability is decreased with contin uous use or the external dirt, care the roll as follows



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