Anthropology 368/ Psychology 437

Primate Social Behavior

Welcome to my notes. Clicking on a topic will take you to the notes for that day. I didn't do a lot of note-taking during films or during discussion, so some days may be longer than others.

Why did I do this? I thought it would be fun, if sort of geeky, and I also thought it would be a relatively painless way for me to review my notes a few days after each lecture.

If you'd like to see some of the stars of the notes, go and see the Primate Photo Survey. These are slides from Professor Pepper's lecures. Links are provided for some of the primates to topics of special interest for that primate. (This part is still under construction, so bear with me.)

Lecture overheads, direct from the University's Library Reserves can be found at
ht tp:// (Case Sensitive). I don't know how soon they remove old reserves from their filespace, so within a semester or two these may be gone.

Here are a list of the topics we covered.
Introduction (Sept. 4)
Variability in Social Systems and Behavior: Two Forests (Sept. 6)
Variability in Social Systems and Behavior: Problems and Methods (Sept. 9)
Natural Selection (Sept. 11)
Primate Adaptations (Sept. 13)
Film: Life on Earth: A Life in the Trees (Sept. 16)
Prosimian Primates (Sept. 18)
New World Monkeys (Sept. 20)
Film: The Baboons of Gombe (Sept. 23)
Old World Monkeys (Sept. 25)
Apes (Sept. 27)
Film: Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains (Sept. 30)
Primate Conservation (Oct. 2)
Feeding Behavior (Oct. 4)
Spacing & Territoriality (Oct. 7)
Sexual Selection (Oct. 9)
Male-Male Competition (Oct. 11)
Mating Systems (Oct. 14)
Female Mate Choice (Oct. 16)
Groups and Predation (Oct. 21)
Groups in Relation to Resources (Oct. 23)
Kinship & Dispersal (Oct. 25)
Altruism (Oct. 28)
Cooperative Polyandry (Oct. 30)
Alloparental Behavior (Nov. 1)
Interspecific Interactions (Nov. 4)
Social Relationships: Females (Nov. 6)
Social Relationships: Males & Females (Nov. 8)
Social Relationships: Female Dominance (Nov. 11)
Sexual Coercion (Nov. 13)
Social Relationships: Adults & Infants (Nov. 15)
Film: A Family of Chimps (Nov. 18)
Parent-Offspring Conflict (Nov. 20)
Infantcide (Nov. 22)
Vocal Communication (Nov. 25)
The Human Primate (Dec. 2)
Brain Size, Cognition, Intelligence (Dec. 4)
An Overview and Summary (Dec. 6)

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