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The EMTS Learning Centers Through Time

The annual EMTS-sponsored Learning Centers began in 1994 under the vision and expert guidance of Charles Greenberg, then EMTS Chair. They have been one of the most visible and popular efforts put forth by EMTS. This is largely due to the continued guidance and perserverence of Charles and his many cohorts and assistants each year. In addition, Charles gives a tremendous amount of credit to the vision of MLA leadership in supporting this activity:
"Plans are well underway for the Centennial edition of the Learning Center, and MLA continues to treat this activity as a gem to be supported and nurtured in order to demonstrate commitment to member education and models of innovation [in] the relationship between medical schools and libraries."
[quote from Charles' reply to the EMTS Centennial Survey, which includes many other details about the evolution of the Learning Centers, complete with characters, personalities, and funny stories!]

It is particularly interesting to look back and note how the resources and tips provided in the annual handout have evolved from helpful hints culled from general resources to focus more specifically on the skills and contributions of the EMTS membership. For example, in 1994, EMTS did not have a web site! For specific examples of this shift, please look at the following two examples:

For the current year, 1997-98, Learning Center titles included are listed on the ETMS Homepage at:
http://bones.med.ohio-state.edu/emts/vendors.html. For previous years, all titles have been incorporated into the master list maintained by Marlene Smith of the "Highly Recommended AV and Computer-Based Learning Survey."

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