Peter Chaim Weinstein


This web site is the product of my Ph.D. in artificial intelligence at the University of Michigan. Here is a link to a more recent web site.

My dissertation research investigated communication in multi-agent systems using description logic ontologies. Ontologies are formal data structures used to define terminology (and are now the technology underlying the W3C's Semantic Web). My advisor was Bill Birmingham.

More generally, I am interested in knowledge representation and sharing. My goal is to build systems that promote organizational effectiveness through active development of individual capabilities. For example, we can help corporate consultants reuse existing work; inform government planners about relevant decisions; and guide and manage project development to help schools truly indivualize student activity.



My wife is Jennie Jester, my sons are Jack Lev and Jason Andrew. We live in the country southwest of Ann Arbor with two horses, five cats, chickens and a dog. I also enjoy canoeing, cycling, Spanish, hand drums, chess, woodworking, and of course, reading.

Peter Chaim Weinstein