UMDL Service Classifier Agent Demo


The Service Classifier Agent (SCA) maps complex descriptions of UMDL agent services to labels that can be used to advertise in a UMDL registry. This capability is central to achieving the follow fundamental objectives of the UMDL architecture:

The SCA is the first application of the UMDL ontology. The ontology provides a language for describing UMDL activity that is independent of the particular current implementation of UMDL agents. Therefore, client agents seeking services should describe their requirements with as much precision as is supported by the ontology, even if currently existing agents can not be differentiated according to all of the features of the client's description. In the future new agents may be developed which are more specialized. Using the SCA, the new specialized agent will be selected to service the client, even without making any changes to the client's implementation.


This demo provides the following capabilities:


Classification and query requests must be formulated with syntax based on the Loom description logic classification system, and using concepts and relations translated from the UMDL ontology to Loom. The following documentation is available:

Updated 10/21/97.

Run-Time Classification of Agent Services, by Peter Weinstein and Bill Birmingham (available in postscript and rtf format)
Service Classifier Agent Programmer's Interface
UMDL Ontology Concepts and Relations available to the Service Classifier Agent
SCA demo homepage
Classify a service description
Query a service description
History of the current SCA
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