y:Üen:v:es:ýXi Aaôf ev:ej:üen:y:a

Exercise on compound compound verbs

        Decide whether the verb sequence in  rK: dð-  or  Cað_ dð- represents only one action or two.  If only one,  provide an equivalent in  -  or  Ral:-  and translate into English.  If two,  provide an equivalent which has two full clauses conjoined. Models:

A.  us:n:ð kI ec:e_y:aú Pûs:akr Cað_ diø.   =>
        A. Two actions:  us:n:ð kI ec:e_y:aú Pûs:ao Aaòr  ( ePr )  Cað_ diø.

B.  m:òø t:Ømhari b:j:akr rK: dÜúg:a.   =>
        B. One action:   m:òø t:Ømhari b:j:a dÜúg:a.   or   b:j:a Ral:Üúg:a.
        'I'll knock your block off.'   'I'll clean your clock.'

 1.  T:að_a-s:a B:Üs:a en:kal:kr rK: dað.

 2.  l:al:c: n:ð us:ð ull:Ü b:n:akr Cað_ edy:a.

 3.  l:aðg: t:Ømhðø p:Øel:s:v:al:a s:m:J:kr Cað_ dðøg:ð.

 4.  y:h b:at: p:Øel:s:v:al:ð t:Ømhðø s:m:J:akr rK: dðøg:ð.

 5.  s:¸am: Ap:n:ð m:Ølk ka s:ty:an:aS: krkñ Cað_ dðg:a.

 6.  us:n:ð Ap:n:ð p:et: kað S:rab:i b:n:akr Cað_ edy:a T:a.

(to be continued)

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Drafted and posted 19-20 & 26 Nov 2002.  Checked by  Aan:nd e¾v:ðdi  2 Dec 2002.