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          Photos and video from the Henry Russel Award ceremony, Univ. of Michigan, February 4, 2014 Cosmology After Planck workshop at the University of Michigan, September 23-25, 2013

          Photos from the Michigan Math and Science Scholars (high-school) course: "Climbing the Distance Ladder" (July 2013)

          Non-gaussianity as a window to the Primordial Universe, Aspen Center for Physics workshop (May 20 - June 10, 2012) ( TV interview)

          Non-gaussianity Hub Workshop ( Photos) KICP, University of Chicago (April 19-21, 2012)

          Advances in Astronomy Special Issue on "Testing the Gaussianity and Statistical Isotropy of the Universe" - Published papers

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Non-Gaussianity Workshop at Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics, May 13-15, 2011 -- 70 people from 3 continents attended; see photos
Workshop on Low-l/Large Angle Cosmology , Case Western Reserve University, February 4-6, 2010
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics review article on dark energy (published PDF)
Findings of the NASA/DOE Figure of Merit Science Working Group and publically available code (from NASA site)
Outreach Activities
HEP/astro seminars at Michigan
Dark Energy Flow web site
"Life Beyond the Gaussian" workshop at KICP (6-8 June, 2007)
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