Dragan Huterer: Education/Outreach activities

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September 15, 2016 Shuler Books and Music, Grand Rapids

Great Lakes Amateur Astronomical Association-sponsored talk,

"Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe" (click for PDF)

June 24 - July 5, 2016 University of Michigan

Michigan Math and Science Scholars "Climbing the Distance Ladder to the Big Bang: How astronomers survey the Universe"


syllabus (PDF file)

June 24 - July 5, 2013 University of Michigan

Michigan Math and Science Scholars "Climbing the Distance Ladder" high-school course


syllabus (PDF file)

November 15, 2012 Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), Houston " Big Bang Theory: The Three Pillars"


November 8, 2009 Saline District Library, Saline, MI

Science Sunday Presents public lecture

"Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe"

Presentation (PDF, 9Mb)

SNAP Movie (.avi, 25Mb)

March 11, 2009 Connor O'Neill's Traditional Irish Pub, Ann Arbor

Science Cafe:

"Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe"
Discussion led by Dragan Huterer and Tim McKay
Photos TBA
April 5, 2008 University of Michigan

Saturday Morning Physics public lecture

"Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe"

Presentation (PDF, 10Mb)

SNAP Movie (.avi, 25Mb)

26 October, 2006 Merrilville Community Planetarium, Merrilville, IN

"Cosmic Analogies: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly"
(presentation at the Great Lakes Planetarium Workshop)

We (Andrew, Dragan, Hiranya, Randy) discussed the cosmological analogies --- the common and uncommon ones, and their advantages and pitfalls.

Presentation (PDF, 14Mb)

9 October, 2006 Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago

"Argonne Open House"

STOMPers ran several experiments, including Cabbage Juice (for pH factor), Model Solar System, and Planet Sizes.
Photos TBA.
10 May, 2006
7:00 PM
Adler Planetarium, Chicago

"Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe"

Dragan's lecture at Adler Planetarium; this is part of their
Adult Education course in cosmology.

Talk (PDF, 2Mb)

Year-long, 2005-2006 North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School
(Chicago South Side)

After-school course for elementary school students

Organization: Dragan Huterer & Diana Jergovic
Teachers: Robert Friedman, Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins, Sarah Hansen,
Dragan Huterer, Justin Johnsen, Matthew Sharpe
Syllabus TBA.
December 13, 2005 Harris Theatre
in Chicago's Millenium Park

New Views of the Universe:
Extra Dimensions, Dark Energy and Cosmic Adventures

Public panel with Wendy Freedman, Rocky Kolb, Lawrence Krauss, and Lisa Randall
(We had ~1000 people in the audience!)
Photos (due to Randy)


October 19, 2005 Roger B. Chafee Planetarium
(Grand Rapids, MI)

Great lakes Planetarium Association conference

Follow-up session to Big Bang and Beyond workshop.
We discussed Ten things everyone should know about the universe
(well, at least everyone who attended the Short Course)
September 23-26, 2005 Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics
(University of Chicago)

Big Bang and Beyond: 21st Century Cosmology

Course on cosmology for planetarium staff taught by the UC cosmology faculty.
Organizers: Wayne Hu, Dragan Huterer, Randy Landsberg, Stephan Meyer
August 6-12, 2005 Yerkes Observatory, WI

2005 Yerkes Summer Institute

Summer program for inner-city students
in the idyllic rural setting of Yerkes Observatory