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Cosmology After Planck workshop
at Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics

September 23-25, 2013 


Higgs Boson Mass from a Theory Workshop
at Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics

December 12-14, 2013 


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ill titleCosmologists at Michigan


    Fred Adams (astrophysics and cosmology)
    Ratin Akhoury (particle physics and cosmology)
    Joel Bregman (astrophysics and black holes)
    Renato Dupke (astrophysics and galaxy clusters)
    Gus Evrard (galaxy clusters and numerical simulations)
    Katie Freese (dark matter and cosmology)
    Oleg Gnedin (galaxy formation)
    Dragan Huterer (dark energy, CMB and large-scale structure)
    Gordon Kane (dark matter and particle physics) 
    Michele Papucci (dark matter and particle physics)
    Aaron Pierce (dark matter and particle physics)
    Elena Rasia (galaxy clusters)
    Douglas Richstone (black holes and galaxies)
    Mateusz Ruszkowski (galaxy clusters and numerical simulations)
    Monica Valluri (dark matter and black holes)
    Kathryn Zurek (dark matter and astroparticle physics)

Experimentalists and Observers

    Carl Akerlof (gamma-ray bursts)
    David Gerdes (DES, DESI, Panda-X and galaxy clusters)
    Wolfgang Lorenzon (DES, DESI, Panda-X and instrument design)
    Tim McKay (SDSS, DES and galaxy clusters)
    Jeff McMahon (SPT, DES and galaxy clusters)
    Chris Miller (DES, LSST, galaxy clusters)
    Keith Riles (LIGO and gravity wave experiment)
    Michael Schubnell (DES, DESI, Panda-X and instrument design)
    Keren Sharon (strong gravitational lensing)
    Greg Tarle (DES, DESI, Panda-X and instrument design)

Postdoctoral Fellows

    Tanja Rindler-Daller (theoretical cosmology)
    Cameron Gibelyou (cosmology and large-scale structure) 
    Nausheen Shah (dark matter and particle physics) 
    Hao-Yi (Heidi) Wu (cosmology and clusters)
Graduate Students

    Kevin Coughlin (CMB experiment) 
    Rutuparna Das (weak lensing) 
    Rahul Datta (CMB experiment) 
    Arya Farahi (numerical cosmology) 
    Dan Gifford (clusters of galaxies) 
    Alejandro Lopez (inflation) 
    Ghazal Mahmoudi (cosmology) 
    Sam McDermott (particle astrophysics) 
    Charles Munson (CMB experiment) 
    Jessie Muir (galaxy formation) 
    Eduardo Ruiz (cosmology and LSS) 
    Daniel Shafer (cosmology and LSS) 
    Scott Stephenson (DM experiment) 
    Adam Sypniewski (experimental cosmology) 
    Mijin Yoon (cosmology and LSS)