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I am currently a PhD student at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, working for August Evrard. My main area of research is Clusters of Galaxies and Large-Scale Structures, with emphasis on multiwavelength clusters detection algorithms.

We are working on characterizing X-Ray and optical cluster finders using simulations data. The result of this work help us to undestand upcoming data from DES and XMM-XXL survay better.

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– Clusters of Galaxies, Galaxy formation, Early universe, Dark matter and dark energy models.

Numerical Simulation

– N-body Simulatoin, Semi-Analytical models, Hydrodynamics Simulations.

Beyound Linear Physics

– Chaos and Turbulence, Non-perturbative methods, Direct Numerical Simulation.

Random Fields

– Topological properteis of random field.

Multiwavelength Analysis of Clusters of Galaxies

– Characterizing X-Ray cluster finder algorithms.

– Characterizing Optical cluster finder algorithms.

– Cross-correlation between optical and x-ray clusters.

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Email : aryaf-at-umich-dot-edu

Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics,

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA