Wolfgang Lorenzon
Office: 357 W Hall
Phone: (734) 647-6825
FAX: (734) 936-6529
Lab: 3265 PRL (734-615-0580)
E-Mail: lorenzon@umich.edu
Secretary: (734) 615-5811 (Beth Demkowski)
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Title: Professor of Physics

Research in the Lorenzon group is focused on two main areas:

  • Hadronic Physics with the SeaQuest Drell-Yan collaboration at Fermilab
  • Dark Matter as part of the LZ project to study the nature of Dark Matter at the SURF facility in South Dakota.
Group Members:
  • Richard Raymond, Assistant Research Scientist Emeritus, Ph.D. (734-615-4730)
  • Kirill Pushkin, Postdoc
  • Andrew Chen, Postdoc
  • Daniel Morton, Graduate Student
  • Marshall Scott, Graduate Student
  • Maris Arthurs, Graduate Student
  • Alissa Neff, Lab Assistant
  • Callum Aldred, Under-Graduate Student
  • Jonathan Haefner, Under-Graduate Student
  • Yuhang Wang, Under-Graduate Student
  • Matthew Okunawo, Under-Graduate Student
Recent Graduates:
  • Scott Stephenson, Ph.D. December 2014
  • Steven Gliske, Ph.D. April 2011
  • Wouter Deconinck, Ph.D. January 2008

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Research  funding is provided by the National Science Foundation under Grant 1505458, the Department of Energy (through LBNL) under Subcontract 7264325, and the University of Michigan